March 20, 2020

Are Online Coding Bootcamps Really Worth It?

It's no secret that the tech industry is growing faster than ever before. With new technologies, faster methods of development and a higher demand for advancement, thousands of new programming careers are being introduced to the workforce every year. If you're interested in getting your foot in the door of an industry that never sleeps, now is the perfect time to pursue a career in coding.

Thanks to the growing demand for tech professionals, it's never been easier to earn the right education through an intense and compact coding bootcamp. Designed to fill the tech skills gap as quickly as possible, coding bootcamps transform tech novices into professionals, and often take less than one year to complete. While balancing long shifts at your current job and the taxing responsibilities of raising your family, becoming a full-time student may seem like an unrealistic option. This is where the option of an online coding bootcamp comes in.

Online Vs. On Campus

We know what you're thinking – the concept of an online education seems intimidating. How will you add an online coding bootcamp to your schedule when your time is already booked by a full-time job, family responsibilities, and your tempting social circle? Take it from three successful graduates of The Software Guild's online coding bootcamp, and discover why you have nothing to worry about when it comes to online courses.

Become a Time Management Ninja


Name: Paul Baity
Age: 22

Paul Baity discovered a new interest and knack for technology when he enrolled in a brief coding course in his early 20s. While providing documentation and building basic websites for his employer, he decided to enhance his career and further his coding skills through an online coding bootcamp, which he completed within 10 months.

What did you think online classes were going to be like?

"One thing really surprised me about my online classes. I was expecting a lack of community, a lot of self-work and self-teaching, but I was surprised by the online community of classmates. I always heard back on problems from alumni and everyone was helpful."

What was it actually like learning online?

I had a pretty good habit and daily routine of getting a lesson, downloading code, coding along with pre-recorded videos and inspecting code. There would often be exercises involving videos, so I tried to be as interactive as possible and take notes within the code so I could open up previously accessed code and read my notes when working on projects."

How did you balance online courses with your personal life?

"Probably one of the most challenging things about the course was knowing when to stop. If I got stuck, instead of staying stuck, I'd take a break and hang out with my wife, watch Netflix or rest, and then go back to pick up where I left off. For time management, I'd rotate my work with breaks every other hour, and on Saturdays, I'd work harder in the morning and have friends over in the evening. Scheduling my work in advance helped me to be aware of my time management."

Claim Your Place in the Driver's Seat


Name: Lindsey Brown
Age: 27

After working as a high school math teacher for four years, Lindsey Brown decided to change her life, starting with her career. While exploring options that would increase her income and allow her to learn a new skill, she decided on the tech industry and completed an online coding bootcamp in 10 months while she was still teaching full-time.

Why did you choose the coding bootcamp route for your tech education?

"The most appealing thing for me was that The Software Guild's partnership with Baker University, which is where I got my teaching degree. The application process, aptitude test and interview for the bootcamp were all easy and I received plenty of mentoring and support once I was in."

How has your life changed since bootcamp?

"I quit my full-time teaching job and began working full-time as a substitute teacher during my bootcamp and finished the program in December 2017. [Substitute teaching] gave me more free time for coursework and let me be more flexible, and now I'm starting as an associate software engineer for a company in Overland Park, Kansas."

Conquer Obstacles Head On


Name: Zachary Stone
Age: 27

Theology graduate Zachary Stone was working full-time in a call center to financially support his new family before diving into the tech industry. While exploring his options for a more exciting career and a higher income, he decided to further his education with a coding bootcamp. The bootcamp's convenient online structure and lenient schedule allowed him to continue his full-time job, care for a newborn, move to a new house, and complete the program in just 10 months.

What did you think online classes were going to be like and how were they, really?

"I was surprised by how many online resources there were. The pre-recorded videos were enjoyable and helpful. Everything was well-organized and it was easy for me to keep a formula of teaching material. It wasn't just thrown at me randomly."

How did you balance online courses with your personal life?

"I had to really communicate with my instructors. They want their students to learn and become professionals, and they were able to work with me to finish my courses later than expected because of my new baby. They could see that I was working as hard as possible, so they were able to cater to my needs and the needs of my family."

What was the biggest takeaway from your online coding bootcamp experience?

"It was the hardest and greatest experience of my life, and my wife is glad it's over. I'm grateful for finding something I'm passionate about and actually enjoy, and I'm grateful for my new career. If you have to work full-time, it's good to have the guidance, support and community that comes out from everyone involved with the bootcamp."

Take the Easy Route

Whether you're working full-time, committed to a busy social circle or expecting a new baby, there's never a schedule too busy for an online coding bootcamp. When choosing an online coding bootcamp, like one offered by The Software Guild, you can change your life in just 10 months.

In 2017, The Software Guild helped hundreds of tech novices gain the skills they needed to become professional junior developers with beginning annual salaries as high as $60,5000. Of these graduates, nearly 90 percent landed careers within the tech field within the first 180 days following graduation.

Learn how you can improve your life in less than a year with The Software Guild.

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