March 20, 2020

Why Codesmith Is Making Machine Learning Part Of Its Core Curriculum

Committed to being a hub of groundbreaking engineering, Codesmith has developed and launched a program focused on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In addition, Codesmith has added a machine learning unit to the core 12-week software engineering residency program.

Machine Learning enables computers to make smarter decisions based on data and experience. This empowers developers to build better products that solve new challenges for users - from prediction, personalization to creating entire new means of interacting through voice and message interfaces.

The demand for Machine Learning software engineers continues to rise with an exponential growth of data generation and new algorithmic breakthroughs. Practically every field is working to apply Machine Learning. Codesmith Graduate, Jenna Davis, Lead Software Engineer at Joany, shared, "We work to make healthcare accessible and transparent through various tools. As we continue to build out these tools, we're integrating machine learning to assist our customers more quickly, smartly, and efficiently."

The addition of Machine Learning to Codesmith empowers graduates to build intelligent data-driven applications, and to contribute to innovations in healthcare, education, finance and across the technology industry.

Codesmith students

Topics in the Machine Learning unit include building powerful predictive machine learning algorithms from scratch. To do so, we also understand generating matrix representations of data, graphing libraries for data presentation and introspection.

Beyond the Machine Learning unit, Codesmith offers a 6-week part time Machine Learning Program for experienced software developers (with at least 1 year experience). The program is available at a reduced rate for Codesmith Alumni. Admission to the machine learning program is based on interview.

Codesmith students

About Codesmith

Codesmith is a Software Engineering and Machine Learning residency for experienced programmers in LA, NY and at Oxford University. The program is home of many of the most innovative open source projects in the fields of web development, Virtual reality and Machine learning - notably Reactide, WebDSP. Graduates of the program become mid/senior/lead software engineers at companies like Microsoft, PayPal and LinkedIn.

Learn more at and check out what students have to say on the Codesmith reviews page.

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