March 20, 2020

Codesmith to Launch Deep Learning Program

Codesmith is launching a new program. Find out more in this new post.

Codesmith is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its deep learning program, Codesmith Deep Learning (or CSDL for short). CSDL is an immersive, online program designed to give students both a deep conceptual and functional understanding of machine learning tools and models. Focusing specifically on deep learning, a subset of machine learning, CSDL teaches techniques and approaches that are applicable to various machine learning tasks, from image classification and recognition to natural language processing.

CSDL's core curriculum covers the fundamentals of neural networks. While the program places an emphasis on developing a theoretical understanding of neural networks and other machine learning frameworks, it also challenges students to apply their understanding by building and training neural networks of their own. Over the intensive 3-week course, students will develop an advanced understanding of Python semantics and features, become familiar with popular machine learning tools like TensorFlow, TensorBoard & Keras, and learn how to implement various neural network architectures.

Modeled after Codesmith's software engineering immersive, CSDL offers a highly collaborative, hands-on learning experience. Through a mixture of live instruction, pair programming, and project building, CSDL aims to encourage students to apply the skills that they learn, giving them the confidence to incorporate deep learning techniques and machine learning models into their everyday work and projects.

Interested in joining the next cohort of Codesmith's Deep Learning program? Apply here to be considered.

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