Actualize Announces New Online Course | An Online Bootcamp Just Like In-Person

Actualize is proud to announce their new online course. Plus, They're offering a 30% discount for the first online cohort. Apply now here.

The options, of course, are endless. Coding bootcamps are gaining in popularity and the desire to learn a new skill or transition to a new career without knowing how to most effectively go about it can make the decision daunting.Coding bootcamps offer a plethora of features, claiming sensational successes and surprising stories about students who switched careers, all of which sounds intriguing and exciting. But it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff:what should be the determining factor in choosing a coding bootcamp? Which of the various factors should be most heavily weighted? Is it the schedule, the flexible hours, the languages covered, the instructors, the cost, the location?The questions are enough to make any prospective student go insane. At Actualize, we believe that the quality of education is the determining factor in a coding bootcamp student's success.While many people are initially drawn to Actualize because of the part-time schedule that allows them to keep their day job, they all stay for the elite educational experience. But what exactly is the Actualize Experience?


Actualize prides itself on being the leading educator in the field of coding. It's easy to be skilled at something and show some friends how to do it; maybe even start a knitting or rock-climbing bootcamp if one is really passionate about that skill... but it isn't always easy to teach that skill effectively. To be clear, just because someone is an experienced software developer, does not mean he or she will be able to transmit those learnings into effective teaching. Actualize both recognizes and resolves this issue by hiring instructors who have professional experience in both software development and education. The quality of education one receives when the instructor is professionally trained and experienced in both education and software engineering, (both of which are requirements for Actualize instructors), is what transforms students into master software developers. Actualize students are learning from the best in the coding school industry, and the classroom experience reflects that. Let's take a look at the average coding bootcamp. Whether it is full-time or part-time, instruction varies from one to a few hours of lecture per day or week, with the majority of the time being reserved for students to slog through long, intense exercises via self-instruction or pair programming. Enter Actualize, and the whole scene changes.


Instructors switch between concise, easy to understand lectures and interactive exercises; exercises are first demoed, then performed together as a class, with instructors and teaching assistants always nearby to answer student's questions. More lecture time follows, as new concepts are introduced in clear and efficient ways, followed by more exercise, allowing students to grasp, ask about, and play with new concepts and ideas. Although there is no homework, the experience doesn't end in class; Instructors and TA's are available throughout the week to answer questions and give extra assistance to anyone who wants it. The level of support and guidance offered at Actualize, by those qualified to do so, is what makes us your mentor in becoming a software engineer. Couple the support with a rich, effective curriculum that was written by these same educators who happen to know how to code real well, and it's no wonder we at Actualize live by the mantra, "Anyone Can Learn To Code". Because with Actualize, anyone can learn to code. But Actualize students don't simply learn a programming language - they learn how to think like a software engineer, which enables them to learn any new language or technology on their own. And once they can do that, which company wouldn't hire them?


This is why education should be the defining factor in choosing a boot camp. So you're reading this and you're thinking, "Wow, this must be the best coding school in America!" (You're right, by the way! And we didn't even mention all the things most bootcamps boast about: our incredible job placement curriculum and high job placement rate, our awesome events, showcases, family mentality, wicked sense of humor...). Now, if you live in Chicago, New York or San Francisco, you're probably applying as we speak. But then there are those of you, who, having no intention to reside in any of the above-mentioned cities, are thinking, "it's a shame, because I don't live near any of the cities in which Actualize operates. So I guess this incredible, education-rich experience will be denied to me." Think this way no longer. We hear you, and we are here for you. We don't call ourselves your mentor for nothing!We are excited and pleased to announce that we are bringing the Actualize Experience Online! Actualize Online is the exact same in-classroom experience, providing the same expert, quality, instruction, an immersive, interactive classroom experience and the unbeatable education you deserve.


Unlike other online coding bootcamps, Actualize Online is still part-time, and available in your time zone so you do not have to quit your day job. Learn in a live, in-classroom setting alongside other students, and interact directly with the same quality lead instructors and teaching assistants. For the first time ever, you won't compromise on your education due to your location. Plus, Actualize is offering a 30% discount for the first online cohort! Apply now.

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