March 20, 2020

How students from around the world found success after Le Wagon

Here at Le Wagon, we're thrilled that our international program is now rated as one of the best bootcamps in the world on SwitchUp. This great news couldn't have come to fruition without the true heroes of Le Wagon: our amazing alumni. Today, we've decided to introduce four of them and tell their stories - from the moment they chose to attend a coding bootcamp to the successful entrepreneurial and development careers that they enjoy today.

Skello Team

Quitterie Mathelin - CEO at Skello

After spending a few months in San Francisco for her studies, Quitterie headed back to France with the ambition to modernize the way French restaurants process their orders and manager their employees' schedules. She joined Le Wagon in early 2016, where she met Samy Amar and Ariane Coulon. These students joined Quitterie as the CTO and Back-end developer of their new venture, and Skello was born. Together they built the MVP of Skello for their final project at Le Wagon. A few months after graduation, the teammates officially released the first version of their product and raised 300,000€. Skello now has a growing customer base and an enthusiastic staff of 12, with plans to reach their 1,000 customer milestone before the end of the year!

Christos Dimitroulas

Christos Dimitroulas, JavaScript Developer at Headstart App

Christos began his career as an operations engineer in a nuclear power station, but felt that he didn't have the passion necessary to continue with mechanical engineering. The desire for a new career led him to Le Wagon in London. While in the program, he worked on a web application that allows users to apply for a loan using their cell number. This experience showed him how much he loved to dive into coding and collaborate on a meaningful project. Only three weeks after the end of the bootcamp, he landed a job at Headstart App as a JavaScript developer. Even though Christos learned Ruby at Le Wagon, the program showed him that with the right mindset you can keep learning and became well-versed in multiple coding languages. Christos is now in good company: since he joined the team, Headstart has hired 3 additional alumni from Le Wagon.

Alexandra Ramos

Alexandra Fernandez Ramos, Co-Founder at Travelsify

Before attending Le Wagon Brussels, Alexandra got her start as a consultant in the tech industry. While learning to code at Le Wagon, she began work on Travelsify, and continued the startup with two colleagues after graduating from Le Wagon. Travelsify analyzes over 100 million hotel reviews and extracts key Hotel attributes that matter to travelers. The company is now providing these insights to booking platforms and hotel groups so that travelers can reliably search and compare hotels worldwide. A few months ago, Travelsify raised €2 million in seed funding with the support of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy.
 Alexandra is now co-Founder, Chief of Product and Sales Officer and works with a team of 15 people!

Jean Anquetil

Jean Anquetil - Full Stack developer at Drivy

After getting his engineering degree, Jean worked as Product Manager in the tech industry. He took a gap year to focus on a personal project and started looking for tutorials and courses about coding. He finally joined Le Wagon in hopes that the program would help him take it to the next level. And Jean did just that: He kept coding and started working on his own web applications. Two months after Le Wagon he landed a job at Drivy, one of the fastest-growing startups in Paris. Jean has been at Drivy for 6 months now and he is definitely finding a place on the team. From not knowing a thing about web development a year ago to being a full stack developer, the learning curve is steep. Jean's journey proves that if you're willing to put in the effort, you can do it!

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