March 20, 2020

Meet Krystyna Ewing, volunteer at Operation Code

From her four years in the U.S. Army to volunteering at Operation Code, an organization that seeks to help veterans and service members transition into coding careers, Krystyna Ewing fills us in on her enthusiasm for coding, explains how her military experience lends to her volunteer work and shares how the average person can help a veteran today.

What was your branch of service?

I was Active Duty Army for about 4 years

What prior military experience do you believe has helped you in your volunteer work at Operation Code?

My entire military experience has given me the tools I need to volunteer for Operation Code. It takes empathy, integrity and teamwork to not only learn to code, but to help those learn how to code. I feel like my military experience helps me in all of those aspects.

What prior software development do you have (if any)?

I mostly work on projects on my own. Right now I have an app that I am working on for the Apple Store as well as a couple Chrome apps. I've been working with code since high school but only recently realized it was the career for me.

Why are you interested in learning how to code?

I am interested in learning how to code because I am a builder and a thinker. I always have a million ideas going in my head, and I want to be able to make them come to life immediately instead of always having to reach out to someone when I have an idea.

What kinds of obstacles are you facing in your learning?

I'm a mother, and I have to work to help provide for my family. I just had a baby, our house is small, and I do not have a dedicated work area right now.

What is your dream project or job you'd like to work on if you could code?

My dream job is to become an app developer for Apple, or to work for Github. I also want to teach other veterans how to code and help them down the same path. I would also like to start making games for Steam.

How can the average person help a veteran right now?

The average person can help a veteran by reaching out to them, making them feel like they do not have to be isolated, and helping them feel like they are not alone.

Krystyna Ewing is a mom of 4, an Army veteran and a wife to a fellow Army veteran. She currently resides in Columbus Ohio, where she is a Delivery Apprentice for Zinc Made, as well as a freelance designer and illustrator. She currently does mostly front end design and development, but is looking into learning both app and back end design. Somehow, she also finds a way to get some sleep.

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