March 20, 2020

Rithm School Announces Free Online Courses!

Over the past few years, JavaScript has exploded in popularity. It is not only essential for front-end developers, but backend and full-stack as well. While there are plenty of free resources already available to people who are learning how to code, piecing together different resources can be time-consuming, and it can be difficult to gain a cohesive understanding of the landscape. Most of all, learning on one's own also tends to take longer, because it's usually not possible to get personalized feedback when you're stuck.

Rithm School, a 17 week coding bootcamp in San Francisco, is trying to address these problems by making its entire prework available for free online. In late September, Rithm released two free JavaScript courses. Since then, they have continued to add content; their material now covers the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with an overview of Git and GitHub. It also covers jQuery and AJAX, two popular JavaScript technologies.

Understanding these tools will help students hit the ground running, no matter what bootcamp they attend. After going through these courses, students will have a strong foundation in front-end web and will complete two projects using JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX.

And while these courses highlight some popular technologies, there's a strong focus on fundamentals. Front-end frameworks like Backbone.js, Ember.js, Angular.js and React.js fall in and out of favor quickly; in order to have success as a developer, Rithm believes it's important to have a deep mastery of JavaScript, and not rely too much on any particular framework or tool.

Rithm's founding team consists of Elie Schoppik, Matt Lane, and Tim Garcia, three experienced developers and instructors who have taught at multiple coding bootcamps in San Francisco. Rithm believes in small class sizes and caps all classes at 16 students. Students spend the first 7 weeks learning JavaScript and Python followed by 5 weeks of solo, open source and company projects with venture backed startups. The last portion of the course focuses on data structures, algorithms, and job prep, and is a partnership between Rithm and Outco.

Their first class is still underway with a new one beginning January 16th. Rithm is strongly invested in student success and offers graduates a full refund if they do not find a job in web development within six months from graduating.

Students who are interested in becoming professional web developers (or simply interested in learning more about programming) can take these courses and chat with the instructional team on the website, or:

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