June 12, 2019

Why ACLTC hires only professional teachers to lead its classes

At Anyone Can Learn To Code, it's our policy to only hire Lead Instructors who have professional experience both in the classroom and as web developers. We aren't simply coders who started a bootcamp - we're skilled and experienced educator/developers with a passion for teaching students not only how to code, but how to succeed as professional web developers.

So why do we have these strict rules about the qualifications of our Lead Instructors? And what does that mean for our bootcamp curriculum and education style? Read on to find out!

1. ACLTC is founded on strong educational principles

Our founder, Jay Wengrow, started ACLTC in 2014 because of his own strong background in education and web development. His experiences led him to believe there was a better way to teach tech, so he set out to be the one to provide that experience to students everywhere. ACLTC is the result, and our amazing grads have proven time and again that it works.

2. We built our own custom curriculum from scratch

Since our founder and Lead Instructors are all experts in both coding and education, we are all able to work together to build, discuss, and improve upon every facet of our curriculum. Our teachers constantly consider how best to present new concepts, which order to teach them in, and what the best exercises are for solidifying each concept. We also understand that every student learns differently, so the curriculum is never the law - we ensure that everyone gets the individual time and attention he or she needs to fully grasp everything we teach.

3. Class time is balanced 50/50 between instruction and exercise.

It's difficult to learn coding without being taught by an expert, and no one can learn to code without practice. Therefore, we make sure that our students get plenty of both. Here's how it works:

  • The Lead Instructor introduces and explains a new concept, demonstrating on a large screen for the whole class.
  • The Lead Instructor leads an interactive discussion with the class about the concept just learned (our classrooms are set up in a U-shape to facilitate this).
  • The Lead Instructor provides an exercise for students to complete on their own (with help when needed from the Lead Instructor and TAs) that involves a different context than the one demonstrated. When asked to utilize the newly taught concept in a different way than they've seen before, students are forced to truly understand the concept instead of simply copying what the Lead Instructor demonstrated. Then, once everyone is ready to move on, the class returns to lecture format for another new concept.

4. We can teach students more in less time.

Because of our carefully constructed curriculum and 50/50 approach to instruction and exercise, our students can absorb more information in a shorter time frame. Our bootcamp is 15 weeks long - three weeks of at-home pre-work and 12 weeks of in-class instruction - with just 21 hours of class time per week. We believe that the finest education does not need to be delivered on a full-time basis, and that you do not have to quit your job in order to receive the highest quality education.

Not only do our Lead Instructors regularly train some of the best and brightest new web developers in the industry, but they're also writing the book on teaching tech - literally! Check out our progress in these blog posts and stay tuned for the published book soon.

Anyone Can Learn To Code is a coding bootcamp and apprenticeship program with a part-time schedule that enables students to keep their jobs while they learn the skills they need to switch to a career in coding. We teach the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AngularJS over the course of 15 weeks, then provide students a guaranteed four-month apprenticeship so they can practice their skills on real-world client projects. Classes are available in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Learn more at www.anyonecanlearntocode.com.
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