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About Appjamming

Please note: Appjamming is now a MOBILE APP DESIGN COMPETITION, and does not operate a bootcamp. The SwitchUp team no longer monitors this page for updates, but historical information is available for reference.

Our Mission
AppJamming aims to provide opportunities... Read More

Our Vision
Our vision is to empower our next generation to be creators using technology. With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, we believe leaders of tomorrow need to master technology regardless of what career paths they take on. We hope to introduce computer science and technology as not just for communication and entertainment, but also a tool for self-expression and creativity.

Our Values
Creativity: We value creativity and use technology as a tool of expression. We see technology as a blank canvas, code as the paint.

Problem solving: Using mobile applications, we introduce computer science in a relatable way to teenagers. We approach software engineering as a problem-solving tool that combines logic and human centric design.

Leadership: We strongly believe future leaders will be those who combine a business savvy with technology mastery. Our programs emphasize social responsibility and encourage students to use technology to solve problems in the local community.

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