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About Code Fever

Location: Miami

Code Fever offers 6 - 8-week intensive full stack coding bootcamp, as well as part-time tech workshops and hacker events, in Miami, FL.

As a non-profit coding academy, Coding Fever focuses on teaching youth from low-income communities the fundamentals... Read More

Students selected for the program will have the opportunity to attend summer training, which includes instruction in conceptualization, wireframing, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, entrepreneurship skills, and launching a start-up.

Code Fever focuses on drawing resources, training, networks, funding, and inclusive policies into the Black community to build an asset and talent-filled space where innovation can thrive.

Code Fever has received sponsorships from Dell, BET, the Knight Foundation, among other organizations. Students accepted to participate in a will learn the advanced programming languages and entrepreneurial training to build a functioning prototype or beta launch their idea by the end of the program.

The programs include coding and startup bootcamps, startup ecosystem building, training, a national convening called Blacktech Week and a minority entrepreneurship pipeline that builds national and regional capacity to attract new capital, increase regional deal flow, and generate additional support for early and late stage entrepreneurs of color.


Coding Bootcamp

Cost: Free
Duration: 8 weeks
Locations: Miami
In-person Only
Course Description:

The in-school and summer bootcamps runs for 6-8 weeks, where students will learn technologies and programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTML5, among others. Through sponsorships with Dell, the Knight Foundation, BET Network, Feverish Pops, and National CARES, Code Fever is able to provide these bootcamps for both youth and adults at no cost participants.

CSS, HTML, JavaScript

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