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About Code For All_The Netherlands

Location: Utrecht

Founded in 2015, Portuguese-born Academia de Codigo, social impact startup, is focused on reprogramming lives through the empowering teaching of code, with they multiple award winning ‘<Code For All_> program.

Strongly committed to snatching talented... Read More

Their regular programming bootcamps welcome n00bs of all ages (over 18) && backgrounds - graduates or not - as long as they are willing to fully and passionately commit to becoming professional - and happily employed - junior full-stack software developers within a very short period of time. Students are guided throughout the course by a team of instructors who have themselves formerly been pupils at the bootcamp. Their teaching methods are peculiar && their passion for clean code is only surpassed by their love for amazingly talented people that society has disregarded.

To apply to their regular courses, prospective students must complete Stanford University's online computer science 101 course, submit an online form, go through an online JavaScript tutorial, excel in a JavaScript code challenge, and attend a workshop day that will be similar to the student experience during the bootcamp.

They will offer help in finding financing solutions, to help talented candidates that cannot advance the bootcamp's fee. Its specific terms and conditions are listed on their site's FAQs.

// Currently known for their outstanding know-how in what comes to turning programming n00bs into Junior Full-Stack Developers through their original intensive 14-week programming bootcamps, is now also about to hit (and “Hulk smash”) the OutSystems(*) training && up skilling scene with two brand new courses (with “OutSystems Associate Web & Mobile Developer” certification included) that will allow both talented n00bs and professional programmers of any language to swiftly become fluent in a low-code technology that is taking the IT market by storm.

(*) OutSystems is a worldwide ever growing Low-Code platform that allows you to build && deploy enterprise grade full-stack Web and Mobile applications at an incredibly fast pace.


14-Week Intensive && Immersive FullStack Programming Bootcamp

Cost: €8,950
Duration: 14 weeks
Locations: Utrecht
In-person Only
Course Description:

Develop a full-stack programmer's mindset that will allow you to switch freely between back-end && front-end like a bo$$. Use the freshest production techniques in software development, in a uniquely creative and disruptive environment that is both highly stimulating and uncannily informal. Become fluent in programming best practices as you boost your mad development skills using the coolest frameworks available to mankind. And, above all, learn to learn! (Which is, basically, the most useful skill that can ever be taught to a programmer!)

Linux, CSS, Git, HTML, jQuery, MySQL, UNIX, MVC, Scrum, Java Database Connectivity (JBDC), Agile, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Maven, Java, SQL, Algorithms, Data Structures, Spring MVC

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