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CodeAbode is a Chicago-based code academy, designed to turn students into web and mobile app developers. They offer both ‘boot camp’ and part-time options. The bootcamp runs 14 weeks – 7 courses that all build on each other in increments of 2 weeks each.... Read More

CodeAbode is a division of the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago (NMHM Chicago). The mission of the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago is to promote knowledge of health and medicine and to encourage scientific research and innovation. CodeAbode aims to engage the public through cutting-edge technologies and digital exhibitions, and to serve as a locus of education for scholars, innovators, students, educators and the general public. As a part of the museum, CodeAbode's niche in the marketplace will be our focus on health, medicine and fitness applications. Students do not need to have a health or medicine background, but classroom examples will have that focus.

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