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Location: Online

Online coding bootcamp where you can learn to code online without moving cross-country.

Coderversity is an intensive, comprehensive programming bootcamp program where you can learn the design and architecture techniques that are necessary to become a successful... Read More


C# Group Course

Cost: $7,000
Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

NO UPFRONT TUITION PAYMENTS. C# Group courses are a perfect option for students on a strict budget who desire to learn in a collaborative group setting. No tuition payments are due until you find a job or 6 months after graduation, whichever comes first.

There is a small deposit to reserve your spot in the training, and job assistance is provided.

Each group course has between 12-15 participants, and students are encouraged to work together online to further enhance the learning experience.

Course length: 24 weeks.

Deposit: $1,000 non-refundable
Financing: Financing available through Pave.
Payment Plan: Contact us for more information on payment plans.
Scholarship: $500 scholarship to women and underrepresented minorities in the IT sector (namely, African-Americans & Latinos)

C#, HTML, jQuery, SQL, JavaScript

Introduction to C# Programming Course

Cost: $499
Duration: 4 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Our “Introduction to C#” course is best suited for curious students who would like to “test the water” before jumping into a full-fledged coding boot camp course. These flexible group courses offer a low-cost alternative to learning.

This option is most suitable for aspiring students who are on a shoestring budget. Instructor-led training, twice per week, for 3 hours each session.

Example schedule:

Sundays for 3 hours (Instructional lessons)
Wednesday evenings for 2 hours (optional reinforcement lessons)

This is an excellent option for students or full-time workers who desire to pick up new skills as they continue pursuing their education or career. The large group setting is a collaborate learning environment containing like-minded, determined peers.

Course length: 4 weeks

C#, .NET

Salesforce Cloud Development (Java/Apex)

Cost: $8,500
Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

This 6-month group bootcamp course will introduce you to the world of cloud computing. You will learn one of the world's leading CRMs, Salesforce. There is a huge demand for Developers - Coderversity will prepare you for a new career in Salesforce Development.

NOTE: This is NOT a certification course.

This class does not qualify for deferred tuition payment.

Git, Java, Algorithms, Data Structures

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4.0/5 (2 reviews)

Graduated: 2015


Introduction to C# Programming Course



Job Support

"The 40-Year Old Programming Virgin"

Hey folks,

I'm a 40-something-year-old salesman looking for a change in pace in my career. Why do you care?

Well, I'm here to share my experience with Coderversity. I work full time, had no previous exposure to coding or IT, but I've seen so many news programs... Read More

My opinion:

I have just finished the class and I must admit that it really helped me to see if computer programming is right for me. What I liked about this course is that I was able to attend the class after work around my own schedule - I did not have to take time off for that. I also enjoyed the class and the teacher I had. My peers in class were overall cooperative, even though there were some who were "know-it-alls" despite being beginners.

I was afraid that I wouldn't learn that much in an online setting because of the lack of personal interaction. I have learned a lot because the teacher was actually teaching us live, and we were provided links to the recorded session after each class. He also gave us homework so we would actually get enough practice with basic coding.

I think if I attempted to learn some of the concepts presented in class by myself by reading books or doing online walk-throughs, I wouldn't have fully understood the concepts. Prior to this course, I completed some of the TeamTreehouse and Codecademy exercises, which were good as a start, but didn't fulfill all of my learning expectations.

So now the question is - will I continue with Coderversity? Well, that all depends....the tuition prices for the other courses are quite steep. I think I am definitely more willing to enroll into a more serious program now that I have been introduced to their curriculum. Not sure when that'll be - I'll have to save up first. even though I know they offer financing options - just not sure if I'll be eligible for a loan due to my crappy credit :-(

The only thing I can knock Coderversity on is the fact that they do not offer a follow-up Introduction to C# Part II class - especially for $199. :-) That would have been sweet.

Alexandra D.
Graduated: 2015




Job Support

"What I Liked and Disliked About Coderversity"

First and foremost, I'm a recent college graduate who majored in Computer Science, hopelessly looking for a position as an entry-level software developer. Being that I am a woman, it makes it a lot harder to enter this male-dominated field.

I found many... Read More

If I had the money to do that, I would have in a heartbeat, but I needed a solution that would allow me to study remotely. Enter Coderversity...I decided to enroll in the C# Intense Coder program and here's my feedback.


- Coderversity, although not quite yet as established as Dev Bootcamp, definitely offers various courses at many different study intensities. They offer group courses and a private course. I took the plunge and decided on getting the most bang for my buck by enrolling in the Intense Coder program.

- The Intense Coder program gives ultimate flexibility in scheduling and attention. My instructor was very hands-on (sometimes a little too much), and I was allowed to ask questions at any time during the lecture. Since this was a private course, I didn't have to worry about getting drowned in a sea full of other students.

- I was able to pay using their payment plan. Although the price was kinda steep, I didn't mind because there are many other bootcamps out there with similar price points.

- The materials and teaching methods are darn good. I learn best by doing so CoderV seemed like the right fit.


- My instructor was too hard on me at times - especially when I slacked off and didn't finish my homework assignments. I felt like I was back in 3rd grade :).

- Resume preparation was limited: I know that Coderversity is rather new, and even though I am impressed with their courses, I feel like they need to crank it up a notch with resume and job preparation. I asked my instructor about this and he told me that the company plans on introducing more practice in the near future.

- The private course tuition: Did I already mention that the price was too steep? $15,000 for a private course is a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY, but in the long run, I became employable.


I could have gone to any bootcamp, but I feel like Coderversity really focused on my needs. I was a lost student with a Computer Science degree who STILL could not get a job. Now, I have one job offer lined up, and I've got more interviews lined up.

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