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Location: Online

CodingSummit is an online coding bootcamp with the mission of getting our students job-ready for roles in software engineering by building a competitive portfolio of projects. At CodingSummit students will receive the benefit of a personalized teaching... Read More


Full-Stack Software Development Program

Duration: 10 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

The Full-Stack Software Development Program is our flagship course. In this program, we cover technologies and topics including: Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, data structures, and algorithms.

Tuition options:
- Full payment: $12,000
- Installments: $13,000
- Income Share Agreement: Up to a cap of $20,000

Duration: 10-weeks of instruction. 1 week of career/application prep

CSS, HTML, Python, SQL, Django, Algorithms, JavaScript, Data Structures

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Peter Huang
Software Engineer | Graduated: 2021


Full-Stack Software Development Program



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"All the skills you need for entry-junior level Software Engineer Career"

Coming out of college in 2021 I saw a tough job market. I have originally studied business and quickly realized I needed a new plan. I could not afford another Bachelor's degree, much less the time for another four years. I enrolled into CodingSummit... Read More

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