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MIU - Masters in Software Development

Online, Fairfield

About MIU - Masters in Software Development

Location: Online, Fairfield

The Master’s in Software Development (MSD) at Maharishi International University (MIU) trains beginning-level students to become strong and competent JavaScript Web Developers within 12 to 18 months. Applicants do not need a background in computer science.... Read More

MIU is fully accredited and the computer science program ranks as the 2nd largest in the U.S.


Master’s in Software Development

Cost: $36,350 - $48,795
Locations: Online, Fairfield
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

The Master’s in Software Development program offers practical and career-focused courses that include JavaScript, Mean Stack, Web and Mobile Applications, Algorithms and Database Systems.

MIU’s unique modular system allows students to focus on one subject at a time for an entire month. They go deeply into each subject, digest that knowledge, and then proceed to the next course. This system allows them to solidify the knowledge gained in each course as they use it in subsequent courses.

The university offers two tracks, a 12-month Accelerated Track and an 18-month Standard Track:

• Accelerated Track (12 months): To qualify for this advanced program track, applicants must have a 3.0-grade point average (in any subject) from their prior university and pass the technical interview.
• Standard Track (18 months): Students begin with 6 months of foundational courses that focus on computer science fundamentals. This track does not require a technical interview. Instead, they can take a free online Math Placement Test or the GRE.

Federal Student loans are available for tuition, housing, meals, and books, plus cash for expenses. The tuition is the same for online or on-campus students.

• Accelerated Track (12 months) - $36,350
• Standard Track (18 months) - $48,795

Our Tuition Refund Guarantee: If a student graduates the program, fulfills the job-search requirements and does not obtain a job offer within 12 months that pays $50,000 or more, their entire tuition cost will be refunded.

Mobile, Database Management, NoSQL, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), SQL, Algorithms, JavaScript, React Native, Application Development, Web Development

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5.0/5 (3 reviews)

Graduated: 2021


Master’s in Software Development



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"my personal MIU Masters in software development program experience"

Some of the main advantages of the program is that it takes you from 0 experience to a qualified software developer skilled with the latest technologies in the industry. Besides the program runs in two track, an accelerated track of one year and an extended... Read More

Software Engineer | Graduated: 2021




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"Opportunities in Maharishi International University"

I like the modular system of offering one subject at a time. It’s better than taking many subjects at the same time because we can go deeper into each part and digest that knowledge, and then progress to the next course and also nice community support... Read More

Bipin Regmi
Graduated: 2021




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"My story of getting into the field of IT(Information Technology)"

“IT is the future”. Everyone says this but there are very few who properly guide us to step into this ride. Not everyone is lucky enough to decide their perfect career journey immediately after high school. In this world where we are filled up with variety... Read More

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