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NAU Coding Bootcamp - CLOSED

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About NAU Coding Bootcamp

Please note: This school is closed and is no longer accepting students. The SwitchUp team no longer monitors this page for updates, but historical information is available for reference.

Please note: This school has closed and is no longer accepting students.

Job Ready in 10 Weeks. NAU’s bootcamp is designed to give you the skills to handle full-stack development using front end tools like CSS,

HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Angular.... Read More

Behind every website and digital application is a developer or team of developers. Developers are invaluable in today’s digital world. Individuals who become web developers are typically creative problem solvers who help create the virtual world that is part of our everyday life. NAU’s Coding Bootcamp utilizes curriculum licensed from RefactorU to help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful entry-level web developer.

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