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About UNIT Factory

Location: Kiev

UNIT Factory (Ukrainian National IT Factory) is a full-stack web development training school that ranges from 1 to 3 years in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Unit Factory's mission is to teach students how to code, how to enhance teamwork skills, and improve creativity... Read More

The program is open to adults aged 18 to 30, and the application process assesses each applicant's ability and motivation through an online application, mini game test, and in-person interview. The project-based learning system forces graduates to adapt to real-world experiences as much as possible. UNIT Factory focuses on continuous professional development, encouraging students to engage in various projects of the modern digital age, and equipping them with the skills to be in high demand in the labor market.


Full-stack Web Development

Cost: Free
Duration: 52 weeks
Locations: Kiev
In-person Only
Course Description:

During the Full-Stack course, Students will learn the full-stack web development along with computer science culture, basic algorithms, security, C++, and PHP.

C++, PHP, Algorithms, Data Structures

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5.0/5 (1 reviews)

Imoh Umoh
business analyst | Graduated: 2012


Full-stack Web Development



Job Support

"great and comfortable way to learn"

i was introduced to this by a friend, so far I'm still on the course but its quite interesting from my experience and i have already sent out lots of links to people i know need this. though they complain about the fees but are glad to know that this... Read More

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