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Andrea Howes This bootcamp was an amazing experience! Ryan and Kim helped with everything (interviewing and negotiating jobs at the end of the bootcamp in particular). My class was small and I basically had one-on-one time with our great teacher or TA whenever I needed it. My class was the first one that Roi taught but he took to it really well. It was evident that he really really cared about how much we learned and enjoyed teaching us. At the end of the in-class portion I had created a great project for my resume (with tons of help from Roi and Trevor). Then we built a second project as a group during the at-home portion of the course. Large projects like these were very helpful when it came to job hunting later on. Getting out of my daily routine by traveling to a different country helped me focus on learning. The added bonus of scuba-diving and other tropical adventures made the overall experience so much better than I could have imagined! It took about 2 months of hard work after the bootcamp was over before I got a full-time job as a software engineer but Ryan was there every step of the way. His advice and help were irreplaceable. Every time I sent a message to Ryan or Roi they responded immediately and were beyond helpful. I hands down recommend CodingNomads for anyone wanting to land their first software job and have an incredible time doing it!