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By: SwitchUp
Last Updated: January 9, 2020

With growing trends in high-profile hackers and security breaches, Cyber operations (Cyber Ops) experts are in demand. Cyber Ops is a specialization of information security. These professionals will identify potential security weaknesses, detect threats, and develop better defense plans for company data. Cyber Ops classes will cover specific computer programs, security fundamentals, secure coding, and mobile technologies.

Successful graduates of Cyber Ops training programs will have opportunities in business, government, military, and healthcare. Moreover, because of the increased risk of cyberattacks, innovative cybersecurity professionals will be heavily recruited by banks and financial institutions. A cybersecurity analyst can expect an average salary of $75,000; entry-level employees can expect closer to $60,000. The employment of security analysts is expected to increase by 32% over the next decade.

Individuals pursuing a Cyber Ops bootcamp will find options for a hands-on, classroom-based training or an entirely online experience. Bootcamps range in length, and most offer flexible scheduling. Students will develop skills in several specific programs as well as networking with industry professionals. Additionally, bootcamps will provide career coaching and support with job placement.

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