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About the Lead Author

why did I write this guide?

Jonathan Lau

Hi there, I'm Jon. I have a master's degree in Civil Engineering from MIT and an undergraduate engineering degree from Stanford. You might call me a bit of a geek.

I've been through a career change myself and while becoming a software developer can be very rewarding, it is certainly not for everyone. The goal of this guide is to help you analyze whether learning to code is the right move for you, prepare effectively for a career change, and learn basic web development.

After a stint as a data-scientist in the cold city of Boston, I attended a programming bootcamp. I saw first hand the wonders and also the downsides of immersive learning. After the bootcamp, I worked for a few different startups and soon learned that software engineering was great career choice.

Nowadays, I'm passionate about teaching coding and I also run the popular coding bootcamp review site - www.switchup.org. My goal is to make your career change as fun and painless as possible by giving you all the information you need upfront.

In this tutorial, we've tried our best to outline a strategy for you to evaluate your own career goals and whether coding school is right for you. I've also included a 4-week guided online tutorial chapter as well as all the coding bootcamp insider secrets I've learnt over the past few years.

If you think the guide wasn't worth it, email me (jonathan@switchup.org) within 7 days, and tell me what you were unhappy with. We'll give you your money back via Paypal.


a comprehensive guide to coding and career change

1. Career Fit

Finish our career checklist and assess yourself: Is a coding career really the best choice for you?

2. Job Statistics

Read our in-depth statistics on the coding bootcamp industry, including placement rates, student satisfaction as well as insider knowledge from alumni, teachers, and current bootcamp founders.

3. Online Tutorials

Try out what software development and coding is like through our 4-part guided online tutorial series. We walk you through the best online resources and provide assessments along the way. Before you drop 10k on a course, it's super important that you test things out!

4. How to choose the right school

With our extensive experience guiding career changers, we outline the top 5 things to pay attention to when choosing a coding school

5. Quantitative Decision Framework

Get our unique decision framework for quantifying your career change decision and apply it effectively to your own career assessment and other aspects of your life.

6. Application Prep

Before you apply to the top coding schools - our guided online tutorials and assessments will separate you from the pack and help you ace your technical interviews at the top schools.