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01 Founders

Courses: 01 Fellowship - Go, Javascript, Rust + more



About 01 Founders

01 Founders is a free-to-access coding school with a job guarantee. It's a teacherless, collaborative, high-quality software engineering course - based on the established 01 Edu platform. You'll work with fellow learners on group projects, and over two... Read More

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01 Fellowship - Go, Javascript, Rust + more

  • Cost: Free
Locations: London
Course Description:

The 01 Fellowship is a four year course - two years free education , two years paid work. Over this time, you’ll develop full-stack developer skills, and graduate with mid-level, rather than entry-level coding abilities. You'll learn Go, Javascript, and Rust to an expert level in three 6-month periods, followed by a 6 month specialisation period wherein you can choose from five options, including blockchain, video games, and AI. Throughout the course, you will be able to choose your own path and learn an array of other coding languages. You'll graduate fully proficient, and able to pick up new technologies quickly throughout your career

Duration: 2 years study + 2 years work.

Subjects: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), JavaScript, Coding
Classroom Hours Per Week: 37.0

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