Ethics at SwitchUp

Ethics are extremely important to us here at SwitchUp.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and open about what we do. Our ultimate goal has always been to add balance to the rapidly expanding alternative education space by providing honest and objective content.

Review Policy

If you are a current student or a graduate of a bootcamp program, you may leave a review on SwitchUp. Your review should be originally created – it should be your own and based upon your personal experience (i.e., you have attended the school in question).

SwitchUp aims to be a respectful, informative, and honest resource, and we reserve the right to remove content that does not meet our policies. The following is a non-exclusive list of content and reviews subject to removal:

  • Reviews posted on behalf of other students, or reviews that impersonate others.
  • Content that was not authored by a valid applicant, student, or graduate.
  • Spam or fake reviews, including those intended to alter ratings.
  • Content that includes or provides links to sexually explicit material.
  • Profane or offensive language.
  • Defamatory, obscene, or libelous content.
  • Content that is likely to constitute harassment due to race, gender, or another basis that is protected under the law.
  • Content or links that are hateful, threatening, or harass others.
  • Content that reveals the personal information of others. This includes identifying teachers, fellow classmates, or staff members by name.
  • Duplicate posts.
  • Content that is off-topic.
  • Reviews or content that SwitchUp believes (in its discretion) may be appropriate to remove to comply with law or legal process, respond to third party complaints, or protect the rights or interests of SwitchUp, its affiliates or third parties.

If you wish to revise a review you have previously posted, please email us at

How To Write A Great Review

Post truthful and accurate information that is valuable to future bootcamp students. Consider different aspects of your bootcamp experience, such as the curriculum, instructors, environment, and job support. Write about what your bootcamp does best, and how it might improve. Only post links to relevant content, such as an online portfolio. Check your spelling and grammar before you post.

We encourage reviewers to make their names public for the review, although anonymous reviews are also always welcome.


What is SwitchUp's mission and business model?

At SwitchUp, our mission is simple: we want potential bootcamp attendees, current bootcamp attendees and graduates to have access to everything they need to begin a tech career. As tech continues to evolve, we hope to be at the forefront of your search for the best training programs.

SwitchUp's revenue model is based on sponsorships, which help us keep our resources completely free for students. Sponsorship is clearly marked at the bottom of any paid content. When forming advertising partnerships, we take steps intended to ensure that our partner's ethics and policies align with our own standards before accepting the partnership.

How are reviews initially approved for publication?

SwitchUp requires each reviewer to confirm at the time of review submission that the reviewer is a current student or a graduate of the bootcamp that is the subject of the review. After a review is submitted, SwitchUp will confirm the review submission either by sending the reviewer a confirmation email to the email address provided by the reviewer or by using LinkedIn verification (for LinkedIn members). Once confirmed, if our system does not identify any obvious issues with the review, such as a duplicate review or inclusion of profanity, the review will be published.

What should we do if we believe there’s a problem with a review, and what steps will SwitchUp take?

We strongly encourage our community to help us if they see suspicious reviews. If you believe there is a problem with a review, you can contact us by sending us an email at or through our Contact form. Depending on the reason for a review being flagged, SwitchUp’s moderators may contact the reviewer to seek confirmation that the reviewer is a student or graduate of the bootcamp reviewed, review the content of the review for compliance with this Ethics Policy, and temporarily or permanently remove the review if SwitchUp determines, in its discretion, that the review is in violation of the Ethics Policy.

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