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3W Academy

Online, Paris, Lyon, Casablanca, +1 more.

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About 3W Academy

Location: Online, Paris, Lyon, Casablanca, Tunis

3W Academy is a leading coding bootcamp offering accelerated, cutting-edge, full stack web and app development training.

Founded in 2012 by specialists in the field of education and internet technology enthusiasts in Paris, 3W Academy has become the most... Read More

One of 3W Academy’s most interesting current projects is selecting exceptional candidates to place in the US job market based on their knowledge, skills, and advancement through their Software Engineer training.

Successful candidates will get the opportunity to work with GAFA and UNICORNs in the United States.


Full Stack Training

Cost: $9,900
Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Online, Paris, Lyon, Casablanca, Tunis
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Software engineering is a fast-growing career. The 3W Academy coding bootcamp will get you on the fast track to learn coding in 6 months. This is not a MOOC; you will never be alone. Our teachers work directly with you throughout the bootcamp. Small groups of 15 ensure you get plenty of individual attention and increase your learning speed up to 6x.

Within 6 months you will have the foundational knowledge to work as a software engineer. Our full stack coding bootcamp includes a challenging curriculum covering the latest in-demand technology (JavaScript, Node.js, REACT, etc.). At the end of your training, our placement services will help you get your first job.

CSS, HTML, React.js, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, React Native

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