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Location: Stockholm

According to industry statistics Sweden currently have a shortage of 30 000 people with the right IT-skills. A number that is expected to reach 60 000 by the year 2020. Traditional education institutes has struggled to solve this widening skills gap and... Read More

Accelerated Learning Programs has so far been a success in the US with many satisfied clients and candidates. Based on the lessons learned from our US colleagues and workshops with some of the best teachers in Sweden we’ve created a custom made curriculum tailored for the Swedish IT-industry. The education is conducted in boot camp style during three intense months. The participants are carefully chosen in a rigorous recruiting process, making sure they have the right abilities and motivation to go through with this incredibly intense education. During three months the participants learn object orientation, C#, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, SQL and UX. Besides the technical competence they also learn soft skills as project methods, presentation skills and agile methodologies.

After the program the participants have at least 500 hours of actual coding experience and are ready to take on the role as junior IT-consultants. Our appreciated ”try and hire” model gives our customers the opportunity to source future stars while maintaining full flexibility.

So far we´ve focused our programs on IT and software development in particular. We do however firmly believe that the concept would be equally effective within other areas.
Academy is a part of Academic Work and we are building the school of tomorrow, today!

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C / C ++


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3.67/5 (3 reviews)

Section Manager | Graduated: 2021


C / C ++



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"An amazing journey!"

It's really good to catch the integration between recent and evolved technologies. Technologies are evolving in an enormous way, knowing how they work individually will not add much value to the person, but knowing how they need each other, how they stand... Read More

Sara Peres
Backend Developer | Graduated: 2021




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"Changed my life!!"

Perfect place to start, it's great challenge and it really sets you up to start working as a junior developer. Great culture and environment, they give you all the tools (not just technical) that you need to get there. You'll be part of a community for... Read More

Graduated: 2016




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"not satisfied"

II was attending part time front end development and I am really not satisfied from the course.
They just thought us basic subjects of the front end that even I cant get a job with it because for front end job you should k lw at lease one framework.
And... Read More

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