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About Ace Hacker

The 15 Week Bootcamp is an intense, immersive and hands-on experience. We approach programming as an art form and teach you how to express it beautifully. Among other things, we develop in you a strong understanding of data structures, algorithms, and... Read More

Although we primarily use JavaScript as a medium of expression, our students subsequently begin to teach themselves any language or framework they want to learn, vis-à-vis Java, Scheme, Objective-C, Python, CoffeeScript, Swift etc. We emphasize not on a particular programming language, but on how to write great code no matter what programming language you use. Just like learning to float is essential for swimming or learning to balance is for riding, we make our programmers masters of source code so that adapting to any skill or technology later, is seamless. At Ace Hacker, you will work on multiple projects with an aim to develop actual working prototypes or real software products, which will back your skills with results and analytics.

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