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About AiCore

Location: Online

AiCore is a specialist Ai & Data career accelerator.

We deliver an immersive programme that will launch your career in Ai & Data at supersonic speed. Over 18 weeks, you will build and deploy production-grade systems, learning under the mentorship of industry... Read More

85 million jobs will be replaced with Ai by 2025. However, as companies look to automate their operations, 97 million roles will be created in the field within that same time period.

There is no single path to one of those 97 million roles. But, there is a proven path - the AiCore programme. Over 200 learners have made the commitment to 12 hours of online evening sessions per week to complete the programme.

The first 8 weeks of the programme cover software and cloud engineering essentials. Then, you will dive deeper into a specialisation. Each specialist pathway is designed with precision to give you the in-demand skills that leading tech companies are hiring for.

You can choose from 3 pathways:

- Data Engineering
- Data Science
- Machine Learning Engineering

AiCore is for pioneering individuals who want to shape the future. We work backwards from your ideal outcome to give you evidenced experience building real industry Ai systems.


Data science & machine learning

Duration: 18 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Our flagship program that takes you from a basic understanding of maths and coding to building data analysis pipelines and deploying machine learning algorithms at scale.

Topics covered include:
· Web scraping
· Data science (data cleaning, visualization, A/B testing, recommendation systems, statistics, time series modelling)
· Machine learning (regression, random forest, SVMs, PCA, t-SNE )
· Deep learning (Pytorch, neural networks, CNNs, RNNs, Autoencoders, GANs)
· Natural language processing (LSTMs, transformers, attention mechanism, BERT, HuggingFace)
· Cloud operations (AWS EC2)
· Deployment (Python Flask, Cron, API creation, AWS Lambda, Docker, ONNX, TensorFlow.JS, GCP AI services)

Docker, Python, Machine Learning, SQL, AWS, Data Science

AiCore Reviews

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5.0/5 (3 reviews)

Lakshmi Kittur
Master student in Information Security and Computer Science | Graduated: 2021


Data science & machine learning



Job Support

"Amazing learning experience!"

The syllabus and the hands on experience that this course offers is excellent. Both the practical and theory concepts are given importance. The group activities, assignments make sure that you become confident in the things you have learnt. The instructors... Read More

Graduated: 2021


Data science & machine learning



Job Support

"Great learning experience!"

The best part of the Machine Learning Course by AiCore was the extensive hands-on coding exposure, in the form of assignments, in-class exercises and end-of-course project. Szymon's impeccable coding skills and strong fundamentals have helped us get an... Read More

Pramod S
Mechanical Engineer (Industrial Automation) | Graduated: 2021




Job Support

"Beginner to Beyond"

The course is very well organized. Course pace caught up gradually which was very helpful for a Slow learner like me. Instructors had a good knowledge on the topics they're covering. They give the challenges and links for the resources to look out for... Read More

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