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Courses: Foundations for Machine Learning



About AIplus

How it works:
- The initial course is available on-demand as soon as you register.
- Each course includes exercises to improve learning outcomes.
- Coding demos allow you to learn hands-on skills.
- Learn at your own pace. If you are not available for... Read More

What will you learn:
Not only will you learn the core mathematical concepts, but you will also learn how they are applied to machine learning. In addition, you will learn to apply your knowledge using some of the key machine learning and deep learning platforms, such as Tensorflow and PyTorch.

Programming: All code demos will be in Python, so experience with it, or another object-oriented programming language, would be helpful for following along with the code examples.

Mathematics: Familiarity with secondary school-level mathematics will make the class easier to follow. If you are comfortable dealing with quantitative information -- such as understanding charts and rearranging simple equations -- then you should be well prepared to follow along with all the mathematics.

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Foundations for Machine Learning

Locations: Online
Course Description:

Courses in program include:
- Linear Algebra
- Calculus
- Probably and Statistics
- Computer Science

Tuition: Pay per course $299 or the entire Bootcamp $999 or free if you are a year member of Ai+ ($588)

Duration: On-demand

Each session has 3 hours (the course is on-demand)

Subjects: Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Statistics & Probability, Computer Science Fundamentals

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