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About AirCampus

Location: Goa

AirCampus started in Feb 2021 to help high-potential candidates to get high-paying software developer or full-stack developer jobs irrespective of their financial, academic, family background. We want the tech role to be more accessible for high-potential... Read More

AirCampus is on a mission as an alternative to expensive multi-year-long college degrees which are unaffordable for millions of high-potential Indian youth. We kept this in mind and our eligibility criteria show this. Academic eligibility for our Bootcamp is just high school completion i.e. 12th. Anyone who has completed 12th can enroll for our boot camp. Currently, 50% of our students are college graduates and the rest are directly after high school.

Higher education needs urgent reforms. Higher education institutes in India do not have skin in the game in ensuring employment and relevant learning. They are driving their business on marketing, college infrastructure, and reputation management.

The "Graduate" crisis! - 14 lakh engineering seats across the nation, 82% of the total engineering graduates are deemed to be unemployable. How useful do you find your college education, for your current role in the company?

We're on a mission to help high-potential students start their careers as a software developers from scratch.

A meaningful alternative that will understand learners care more about their needs rather than the rigid rules. Where new ideas, experimentation, learning by doing, and failing can be welcomed. Where students can question the importance of a degree, the risk & burden of education loans, the return of investment of time and money conventional colleges need, and many more.


Software Development Bootcamp

Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Goa
In-person Only
Course Description:

Currently, we are offering a single course i.e. Software Development Bootcamp. It is a Full-Stack Developer program with 250 level questions of Data Structure.

It also includes the fundamentals of computer science, logical reasoning, and aptitude training. 900 hours - Practical coding experience and 150 hours - Softskills & aptitude training

Tuition: ₹0 Registration Fees. ₹0 Deposit. Pay after placement BootCamp. Students will have to 20% of their monthly salary for 27 months, only after they get a job of minimum INR. 5 LPA.

Data Structures, Computer Science Fundamentals, Web Development

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