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Location: Online, Barcelona

At we train talented individuals to become software engineers leading the industry. Our absolute priority is quality and helping the students reach their personal objectives, while leveraging their individual skills and traits. Here students... Read More

Our team, lead by the founder Arol Viñolas, also teaches employees at organisations such as the United Nations, Typeform, Nespresso. That allows us to have a very hands-on and always updated program to meet the current industry demand. The processes and teaching methodologies at involve industry best-practices to make the experience the closest to an actual developer job. Additionally we place a big focus on developing the soft skills of our students, and on having a mental health-balanced experience, thanks to our partnership with Headspace. Other proud partnerships our students benefit from are O’Reilly Library, Github for Education, Figma Design. We are based in the iconic Diagonal One tower on the coast of Barcelona and offer on-campus, remote or hybrid education models.

Some of our alumni work at top companies such as Pinterest, Bitmex, N26, Rivian, Spotify. We are proud to be teaching talented people who come from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, with or without previous coding experience, and who are determined to change their lives.

While the industry is in high-demand for skilled professionals, universities provide a very time-consuming and academic experience, while coding bootcamps lack quality and provide “one size fits all” programs. We are here to break that model. This is why we don’t give inflated numbers and empty promises, we deliver and you can see it for yourself - feel free to ask our alumni or challenge us with a tough question. Learn more, watch alumni stories and book a call with the founder on our website and let’s discover your potential together.


Software Engineering Program.

Cost: €11,900
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online, Barcelona
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Our program is based on JavaScript, we focus on our students becoming experts in one language and acquire the ability to learn other ones fast. Our students learn fundamentals such as Functional Programming, Testing (Mocha and Jest, Unit, Integration, and E2E), API Design, and System Design. Front-End Development with React, CSS Modules, Redux, Next.js, HTML, CSS, DOM; On the Back-End side we teach frameworks such as Express and Koa, and databases management: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis. Additionally, we teach AWS, Docker, and Terraform, which makes our graduates 360-degree devs, able to build full-stack applications end to end. During the entire process, our students acquire relevant soft skills and do so through our own methodology, involving live classes, peer programming, interactive exercises, projects, wisdom pills, and more.

Duration of course (how many weeks): 12 Weeks Total Course duration (+ 4 weeks of preparation course before the main program).

CSS, HTML, MongoDB, Functional Programming, API, Redux, Java, React.js, Express.js, JavaScript, Back-End Web Development, Front-End Web Development Reviews

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5.0/5 (2 reviews)

Software Engineer | Graduated: 2022


Software Engineering Program.



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"THE software engineer program"

TL:DR. A true life experience. Syllabus beyond any other full stack bootcamps and staff make it really personalized for you. I know if you are reading this message that you already looked for info and reviews on several places, so I'll tell you what make... Read More

Martina Cumellas
Front-End Developer | Graduated: 2022


Software Engineering Program.



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"Full learning experience"

The content students spend throughout the course is complete and with quality. Students access to it through different experiences on exercises, while pair programming or self-working. A good part of it is that, there will always be a teacher ready to... Read More

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