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Big Blue Data Academy

Online, Athens

About Big Blue Data Academy

Location: Online, Athens

Big Blue Data Academy offers data science immersive bootcamps in 12 week (full-time) and 25 week (part-time) versions and corporate training programs. The full-time Data Science bootcamp is offered either in person or live online and the part-time bootcamp... Read More

The data science bootcamp curriculum covers Git, Bash Shell, big data, cloud computing, machine learning, deep learning, visualizations, and interactive dashboards. Bootcamp students will also learn data retrieval, APIs, databases, and web scraping. Students will work on a real-world business project alongside a Big Blue Data Academy partner company for the final four weeks of the bootcamp. This project will be presented to prospective employers at the conclusion of the Data Science bootcamp on career day.

Big Blue Data Academy is open to undergraduates, Bachelor, Master or PhD graduates, and professionals. Applicants should be proficient in math and statistics and have a basic knowledge of Python programming. Applicants should be prepared for an interview with an admissions rep to discuss their technical background and career goals. Forty hours of pre-bootcamp preparation work is required for all accepted students before the start of the program.

Big Blue Data Academy provides career support including workshops on crafting an effective CV and LinkedIn profile, mock technical interviews, and access to career opportunities posted by Big Blue Data Academy collaborators. Lifelong career advice and support as well as access to the Slack community portal are also provided.


Data Science Bootcamp

Cost: €3,500 - €3,900
Locations: Online, Athens
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

The Data Science bootcamp is offered in two versions: fulltime and part time.

The full time lasts 12 weeks and the part time 25 weeks

- Full time program: 3500 EUR
- Part time program: 3900 EUR

Hours in the classroom:
- Full time 40 hours / week
- Part time 20 hours / week

Git, Database Management, Bash, Shell Scripting, API, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, Cloud Computing

Big Blue Data Academy Reviews

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5.0/5 (4 reviews)

Argiris Karageorgos
Data Scientist | Graduated: 2021




Job Support

"A great opportunity to meet, understand and evolve in the data science"

Through the Big Blue Academy I was able to reach a very high level of understanding the theoretical part of data science, but also with the many hours of coding I gained a very good knowledge of the tools that every data scientist needs. With the daily... Read More

Thomas Anagnostis
Data Scientist | Graduated: 2021


Data Science Bootcamp



Job Support

"Challenging, demanding and absolutely rewarding Data Science Bootcamp"

3 months of learning new concepts not only by participating in the daily lectures but mainly by applying everything you have learned on real data. This process challenges each participant to start thinking and acting like a data scientist. By the end... Read More

Nikos Iliopoulos
Data Scientist | Theoretical Physicist | Graduated: 2021


Data Science Bootcamp



Job Support

"An amazing experience into the fascinating world of data"

This bootcamp is a great opportunity for everyone interested to meet the latest trends and tools in the field of data science. Specifically, it is designed to provide expertise not only in the theoretical concepts, but also in hard skills that are necessary... Read More

Maro Kaisaridi
Graduated: 2021


Data Science Bootcamp



Job Support

"Valuable experience"

The bootcamp was everything I could ask for. Experienced instructors and everyone is always available to help. But the most important part that made this bootcamp stand out is the everyday and weekly application of everything we had already learned, plus... Read More

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