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Courses: BIG DIVE 7, BIG DIVE into DataViz




BIG DIVE is the intense training program you need to super boost your technical skills and data awareness to keep up with the ever-evolving data industry and workplace.

A street-fighting gym where you learn from real projects using real data regarding... Read More

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  • Cost: €1,000
  • Duration: 4 weeks
Locations: Turin
Course Description:

If you’re looking to becoming a data scientist or level up your skills then BIG DIVE 7 is the best way to spend your Summer!

You'll explore first hand real cases in data engineering, geospatial and finance data analysis, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, network science and transfer learning.

You'll be surrounded by teachers from excellent research institutions and organizations, and amazing group of students, and you can enjoy Italy in the spare time. :)

Check out the real cases and program and start your application here:

BIG DIVE 7 is organized by TOP-IX Consortium in collaboration with Fondazione ISI, AXANT, Todo.

Subjects: SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Science

BIG DIVE into DataViz

  • Cost: €500
  • Duration: 1 week
Locations: Turin
Course Description:

Do you love interactive and dynamic online data visualizations?
Are you a designer, visual, graphic, UI/UX who likes to write code or a frontend developer?

In BIG DIVE into DataViz, you'll explore the data visualization field through computational design approaches and technologies.
A crash course to master D3.js, a powerful open source and widely used JavaScript library that allows you to create custom interactive visualizations running in every modern device.

For all the details and to start your application process please visit

BIG DIVE into DataViz is a spin-off of the famous “BIG DIVE – Hacking Development, Visualization and Data Science” organized by TOP-IX Consortium and Todo.

Subjects: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Data Visualization

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