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Black Codher Bootcamp


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About Black Codher Bootcamp

Location: Online

The Black Codher bootcamp is a collaboration between NIYO Group and Coding Black Females to equip Black women interested in Tech with the technical skills and soft skills needed to become Software Developers or go into other Technical roles.


Black Codher Bootcamp

Cost: Free
Duration: 30 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Black Codher Bootcamp courses:
- Version Control and Command Line
- Outcome: Git repository on GitHub, with an understanding of how to update their repository.
- Introduction to HTML & CSS
- Outcome: A portfolio website hosted on GitHub pages, with an understanding of how to manipulate and update web pages using HTML and CSS
- Portfolio creation and management
- Introduction to Programming with JavaScript
- Outcome: Understanding of using the browser as a debugging tool, updates to their existing site using JavaScript
- Outcome: Updates to their website to display data from external sources, and utilise the DOM to build parts of their portfolio site using JavaScript rather than HTML.
- React
- NodeJS - deployment to cloud services
- Databases
- Mongo Database
- Group Project

Eligibility - Black females based in England aged 19 and over

Tuition cost- Free

CSS, Git, HTML, Github, MongoDB, NoSQL, Node.js, JavaScript

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