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Location: Online

Learn tech sales and land your first 6-figure job! We've helped hundreds of people land jobs in tech. Now it's your turn. In just 10 weeks, we'll prepare you for a career in tech sales. Pay no tuition until you're hired.

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Attend online lectures 4 nights a week for 6-weeks. Get paired with a career coach once you graduate, meet our employer partners, and land a job in tech sales.


Tech Sales

Cost: $6,000
Duration: 6 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

What you'll learn:

- Tech sales fundamentals: Art and science of sales, sales tools, CRMs, and LinkedIn
- Filling the funnel with inbound sales: Fundamentals of inbound and the inbound sales methodology
- Research, personas, and outbound sales: Research and discovery, your ideal customer profile, knowing your personas and outbound sales
- Sales calls, handling objections, and closing: Learn to book meetings, take sales calls, handle objections, and close deals.
- Job search prep and strategy: Personal branding, working with career coaches, and preparation for your job search.

Tuition: $6000 (before taxes); 3 payment options to choose from (pay upfront, 12-month instalment, 24-month instalment)

Duration: 4 nights a week for 6-weeks, 3 hours per night


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