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Please note: This school is closed and is no longer accepting students. The SwitchUp team no longer monitors this page for updates, but historical information is available for reference.

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Graduated: 2017


Full Stack Web Development (Part-time)



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"Fun but full of enlightment"

The Pros
Coding boot camps are, relative to universities, much cheaper. App Academy is actually free to participate in (although there is a $5,000 deposit you can get back upon course completion, as well as an 18% cut of your first-year salary that App... Read More

The Cons
It seems like many of the people drawn to bootcamps are those who either have a little bit of programming experience but did not get a degree in computer science, or those who have found their majors unemployable and want a shot at bettering their lives in a booming industry. However, can you truly become a good programmer in three months? There’s a reason why universities as we know them haven’t changed much: they’re a tried-and-true system. Coding bootcamps love to talk about getting their students into prestigious Silicon Valley or Bay Area tech companies, but the majority of people who work for them are graduates of four-year colleges. Can coding bootcamps like Dev Bootcamp truly emulate the excellence of the programs at MIT, Stanford, or Berkeley? Do they faithfully compress and replicate the experience of hundreds of hours slaving away in labs, working on side projects and group projects, and enrolling in a variety of courses that expand your palette as a programmer? Furthermore, even if coding bootcamps were objectively of the same quality as four-year computer science programs, but just shorter, the significantly decreased timespan should be a serious warning flag to those who aren’t absolutely committed to becoming programmers. Programming can be a difficult, bumpy ride even stretched over four years, so squishing it into three months, or even a year, can result in some serious burnout or exhaustion to say the least. Finally, if you don’t really want to learn web development, bootcamps probably aren’t for you. Going through this comprehensive list of coding bootcamps, you’ll find that the bootcamps seem to be almost entirely oriented towards web dev, with some bootcamps teaching you how to do mobile development. If you’d rather be a software engineer, or work on things like operating systems and network security, then you should probably turn elsewhere.

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