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Founded in 2015, Code States is the first immersive coding bootcamp providing software engineering education, data science education, career placement services, and a lifelong network of professional peers in Seoul, South Korea.

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After completion of Code States 900+ hours of curriculum, students graduate as full-stack software engineers and JavaScript programmers, ready to join the growing startup ecosystem in Korea and beyond.

Students at Code States learn the fundamentals of Computer Science, JavaScript and are introduced to developer tools and technologies such as NodeJS, React/Redux and databases. Students also work on group projects throughout the curriculum to showcase the skills they have acquired during their time at Code States.

Job preparation is integrated into the curriculum so that students are well positioned upon graduation to tackle the job search

Code States’s immersive program is known for its exceptional quality and for demanding a starting skill set beyond that of a beginner. Code States has introduced a pre course curriculum to help beginners ramp up their skills to the level required for its immersive program.

Code States places alumni in junior-to-mid level positions within tech firms, such as Linkedin, Naver, Korbit, and many other startups.

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