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Location: Online, Krakow

CodeBrainers has been operating on the market since 2018. We started with the 6-month Fullstack Developer Bootcamp (which is still the king of our courses :)), but seeing growing demand on the market, we have decided to expand our offer. Unlike other... Read More

We focus on the quality of training: small training groups, live classes, contact with teachers between classes, individual approach to clients.


Fullstack Developer Bootcamp

Cost: €2,375
Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Online, Krakow
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

The program of our course has been prepared in such a way, that after its completion you can successfully start your first job in IT field or create your own, professional projects (as a for example freelancer). During the course you will learn, in a comprehesive way, how to create modern websites and web applications based on the most desired technologies on the market.

The course consists of 6 modules: (1) web, (2) shell/git, (3) python and objectoriented programming, (4) SQL, database, SQL in python, (5) backend/Django, (6) frontend/React.

Whole classes are conducted live, by lecturers – in a small group. Classes are held on-line, mostly in live-coding formula, so that you can learn new topics in practice, as well as present your own progres. Groups consist of maximum 8-9 people and are the smallest groups on the market.

Git, Python, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), React.js, SQL, Django, Back-End Web Development, Front-End Web Development

Python Data Science

Cost: €650
Duration: 6 weeks
Locations: Online, Krakow
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Learn to program in Python and sql and use the most popular libraries for data analysis and visualization! Thanks to a large number of ready-made libraries, Python is one of the most popular languages for data analysis. It is also very easy to learn, so writing your own scripts and tools does not constitute problem even for beginners. During our 6-week training, you will learn in a comprehensive way both Python programming as well as data processing and analysis techniques with use of tools such as: Jupyter, Anaconda, NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, Scikit

NumPy, Matplotlib, Python, Jupyter Notebook, Data Analytics, SciKit, Data Science, Pandas

UX Designer

Cost: €610
Duration: 5 weeks
Locations: Online, Krakow
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Find out what User Experience (UX) design is, get to know the tools used in UX research and prototyping processes and discover good practices creating websites using the Design Thinking methodology.

The course aim is to teach the participants how to create best product solutions, starting with analysis of customer requirements, through design work, finishing with analysis of user behavior and optimization of applied solutions.

After completing the course you will be able to ▪ write your own Use Scenarios and create profiles of potential users - the so-called Personas; ▪ use prototyping tools; ▪ design websites using Design Thinking methods, MVP, Mobile First; ▪ test and investigate usability; ▪ create users' Journey Maps; ▪ design the Information Architecture, which consists of: grouping, labeling, navigation systems, search

UI Design, UX Design

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Engineer | Graduated: 2021


Fullstack Developer Bootcamp



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"Great service, very professionally and attentive!"

The courses are prepared in a very user-friendly way. If you are the beginner you will have a great intro into the IT world, as well as if you have some experience. The lecturers are very attentive and helpful, taking a lot of attention to details and... Read More

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