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Location: Online

CodeHouse Academy is a programming school that offers Bootcamps and specialization courses for active professionals.

The proposal of our Bootcamp is that our students learn to program from scratch and start their career as developers in the most leading... Read More

We have an employment exchange with more than thirty national companies from different sectors as well as a partnership with the IT consultancy Bitwork, through which their recruiters with more than ten years of experience will meet you personally and help to face a job interview, prepare your resume and your social profiles.


Fullstack Web Developer Bootcamp

Cost: €4,725
Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

In our Fullstack Web Developer Bootcamp you will receive all the necessary knowledge to fully develop a website, from the part that the client visualizes (FrontEnd) to the one that connects to the server (BackEnd); as well as databases without the needing previous knowledge.

Thanks to this bootcamp, you will be able to understand some of the technologies most used today by software development companies. You can choose between two modalities: open source or specialize in the Microsoft technologies world (.NET).

Our Bootcamps are in Live Streaming, live classes with established schedules.

Through Live Streaming, you can access to the quality of the content of a Bootcamp from your home and resolve your doubts in real time with your instructor.

You will participate in a collaborative virtual environment with all your colleagues without the necessity of traveling, saving time and money.

Tuition is 60% of the final price of the Bootcamp. With an initial price of € 4,725, students can benefit from scholarships of up to 50% to access the bootcamp.

Back-End Web Development, Front-End Web Development

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1.0/5 (2 reviews)

Graduated: 2022


Fullstack Web Developer Bootcamp



Job Support

"Don't worth the money, are better options"

In general terms the program is not worth it, there are better alternatives. The first problem appears in the administration of the course, a lot of disorganization and non-existent student support, the Community Manager is more concerned to attracting... Read More

QA Automation Engineer | Graduated: 2020


Fullstack Web Developer Bootcamp



Job Support

"Don't waste your money in this school"

This is a school of a company, this means that they have teachers that are part of Bravent company and these teacher are not motivated enough. They have teachers that doesn't have any experience in the technologies that they are teaching, so the level... Read More

- Online and the recording classes are available during the course

- Disorganised
- Low level teachers
- Studing plan not up to date
- Classes are not planified
- They are making business with the final projects

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