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About Codemaster Institute

Location: Perth

Codemaster Institute is an Entrepreneur maker and Career Accelerator providing face to face web development bootcamps and practical experience with no exams! Codemaster Institute gets you started in your new career faster than you can imagine.

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Codemaster 12 week Web Software Development Bootcamp

Cost: 11,950
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Perth
In-person Only
Course Description:

Get up to speed with the fundamentals of Web software development

User Requirements, Experience And Front End
All the front end stuff, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc.

Project & Entrepreneurship
portfolio and getting career ready.

Back-End / Web Server Programming
Learn about webservers, databases, and languages such as PHP, SQL, and other modern languages.

Development Frameworks
Do it right with web development frameworks, MVC Platforms, versioning, and anything else to make the life of a developer easier.

Internship And Project
Negotiated, hands-on Internships with start-ups, major designers and ad agencies, as well as large companies all vying for elite developers

Design Principles, CSS, Entrepreneurship, HTML, jQuery, MySQL, SEO, PHP, Algorithms, JavaScript

Codemaster Institute Reviews

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5.0/5 (3 reviews)

Graduated: 2017




Job Support

"Valuable web development skills!"

I found that the CMI back-end development short course was a great way to gain exposure to an essential part of full-stack software and web development. The structured learning environment was a good gateway into understanding and practically implementing... Read More

Student | Graduated: 2017


Codemaster 12 week Web Software Development Bootcamp



Job Support

"Found my Direction"

Codemaster Institute allowed me to identify my career path, and pursue it. Coding has been one of the trickiest things for me to approach, but I'm happy that presenters were accomodative of me and allowed me understand the difficult concepts. I undertook... Read More

Graduated: 2016




Job Support

"A career boost"

I would never have covered so much coding ground on my own. The course pushed me to learn more and quicker. Having the structure, and onsite lecturers daily, assists in the learning development and helps in retaining the information. I highly recommend... Read More

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