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Coding Deep Dive - started as a mentoring service to students and professionals who needed help to build projects and learn software development in July-2015. Having helped over 110+ students in Germany and USA offline and online, we decided to open up... Read More

As experienced professionals who have acquired core software skills by getting their hands dirty and by building world class software products, we realized there is a lot of hidden knowledge which only experts in the top software companies have access to, and we want to bring that knowledge to everyone. Operating from Germany, we extend our services online at much affordable prices than other traditional training institutions because we believe that everybody should be able to improve themselves.


Software Design and Principles

Cost: €960
Duration: 8 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Software Design and Principles is an 8-week, online program taught by industry experts and students are expected to solve real world problems in the program. By the end of the program, students will be able to clearly present ideas to a group of people and discuss complex software design principles, solve complex problems, and apply well-known design patterns to qualifying situations. Graduates of the bootcamp will be able to comfortably analyze and code in real time, and solve coding challenges during job interviews.

The program curriculum covers data structures, including arrays, lists, stacks, queues, hash maps, trees, and graphs. Students learn algorithms and clean code practices, such as naming, functions and arguments, formatting, objects, error handling, unit tests, classes, and systems and patterns. Students also learn object-oriented principles, design patterns, and database design principles. These core skills are coding language independent, and students can use any coding languages they already know, such as Python, Java, or Swift. Students also learn coding interview skills.

Software Design and Principles is designed for those who already have some basic programming knowledge and can write simple loops, conditional logic, and functions. Applicants should know at least one programming language and be able to solve problems with programming. Prospective students who meet the qualifications should fill out an application on the bootcamp website, and then they will be contacted for a phone interview.

Design Principles, Algorithms, Data Structures

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Eliseo Quintanilla Gómez
Graduated: 2020


Software Design and Principles



Job Support

"Really good. Not for beginners"

I am a 12-week boot camp graduate, and like many of us, when I started applying for jobs, taking up challenges and interviewing, I realized there was still a lot to learn.

Coding boot camps are great in taking you from zero knowledge to being able to... Read More

The curriculum is very vast, and it becomes difficult very fast. I struggled a lot but almost immediately I realized that I was getting better. I don't know if I will ever apply all the concepts that I learned, but it definitely leveled up my coding quality and problem solving skills.

The teacher has a lot of experience and he is really good at explaining complex concepts with simple examples. He also has a lot of patience and always goes the extra mile to make sure that you understand.

The career advice part is also really good, you get CV, LinkedIn and portfolio reviews, and mocking interviews with senior developers.

Jr. Software Developer | Graduated: 2020


Software Design and Principles



Job Support

"Attended software design program"

I work as Jr. Developer and I finished a coding bootcamp recently in berlin. After finishing the bootcamp although I had a portfolio of my mini-projects, I knew I was not ready for industry and working on large scale projects. The program Software Design... Read More

It has overall 6 modules including object oriented programming, solid principles and design patterns with database design. These modules are good for understanding how to make scalable configurable products.

About the instructor, he is highly experienced and knows a lot about industry and that is a big advantage of this program because he was able to explain things from real experience and from real use cases..
The downside of the program for me was that it went from easy to extremely difficult very quickly as 8 weeks are not enough to digest all the knowledge while having a full time job.

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