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Online, Stockholm, Gothenburg

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Location: Online, Stockholm, Gothenburg

We believe that traditional education teaches students to do well on tests, rather than give them actual knowledge and experience. At Craft Academy, we provide neither grades nor diplomas. Instead, we help you develop the tools you need to be successful.... Read More

With help from our network of Hiring Partners in Sweden and throughout Europe, we guide our students as they start their new careers.

Our main campus is in Gothenburg, Sweden and we have a satellite office in Stockholm. Additionally, many of our students enroll as remote leaners.


Craft Academy's 12-week intensive coding bootcamp

Cost: $9,250
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online, Stockholm, Gothenburg
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

There is a strong need for web developers in Sweden and throughout the world. We train programmers who not only write great code, but who understand the industry's conventions, problem solve with intention, and are ready to join the workforce and be a productive member of a team. We believe that coding is a craft, not just the symbols you put into a program. To that end, we teach an ambitious array of coding skills, introducing students to dozens of tools and two coding languages, but we also teach coding methods like Agile and Test-Driven Development. These practices mold developers who will thrive in the real world.

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Lara Templemore-Walters
Junior Full Stack Developer | Graduated: 2016


Craft Academy's 12-week intensive coding bootcamp



Job Support

"A coding course not to be missed!"

If you want to learn to code in just 12 weeks this is the course for you. This course has change my life and give me a whole new carrier path to focus on.

The 12 week coding boot camp will test every emotional part of your being but let me promise you... Read More

The highly skilled instructors will take you through every step to getting you on track to become a junior full stack developer including preparing you for future job applications and interviews.

I would highly recommend this course, you won't regret it, I don't!

Graduated: 2016


Craft Academy's 12-week intensive coding bootcamp



Job Support

"I feel like a web developer."

Craft Academy's twelve-week program was arguably the most stressful and challenging three months of my entire life. The coding was great fun and it's always exciting and rewarding to grow a skillset. My major challenges were with the "soft skills" taught... Read More

My background is pretty diverse - from entrepreneurship to non-profit management to the arts - but coding had always been something I'd thought about doing. I had spent a few years trying to teach myself to code in Java / Android, without a great deal of success. I know for myself that three months of 100% dedication and someone to hold me accountable is worth years of self-study and the best online, free resources in the world. Not everyone feels this way and if you are great at self-study and have the wherewithal to find communities to connect with online, that would surely be a cheaper option. For me, the investment is well worth the reward.

The first six weeks of the camp are about building basic skillsets - working with Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS and the Sinatra and Rails frameworks. The second half of the course is all about building projects - one after the other, increasing in complexity. I very much enjoyed this approach, though I felt there was a bit too much hand-holding during most of the first half. Some people appreciated that. I often found myself working on side projects during these weeks (and highly recommend that anyone doing a bootcamp do so with whatever free time you can scrape together).

In the last half of the camp, we built some applications that impressed the crap out of our friends: a simple social network, an online marketplace for placing food orders, an interactive "pub quiz" app that pushes out questions in real time to players, and receives their answers back. I'm really proud of what we built during those last six weeks.

I also want to note that some of my colleagues struggled quite a bit with the materials. The goal of the bootcamp is to struggle - to be pushed up to and perhaps beyond your limits, and certainly out of your comfort zone. Still, many of my colleagues didn't take the prep course seriously and they suffered throughout the bootcamp because of this, and because of an attitude that prevented them from acknowledging their faults and working to fix them. If you decide to take this or any bootcamp, it is very important to bring *humility* to the table. Acknowledge how little you know, and work as hard as you can to change that. Try to be a sponge soaking up knowledge. If a coach does something that puzzles you, ask her why she's doing it! If you just follow the instructions, you'll never get there. And if you fail to follow the instructions, you'll never develop good habits.

So all of that said, I did, in fact, love this bootcamp. I felt the coaches were actually invested in my education - really wanted me to succeed - and were fighting for me the whole way. I feel like a developer and can make all kinds of things - much more complex than I would have thought going in. While job hunting, it seemed there were *lots* of opportunities for me and having attended a handful of networking events, I can say without question that there is a strong demand for junior developers here in Sweden, and likely throughout the world.

I know it's a hard decision to spend the money, but if you thrive in this kind of environment, Craft Academy is a great place to become a web developer.

Full disclosure: Since graduating, I have begun work at Craft Academy. I tried to be as honest as possible and write a review that would actually help people decide whether or not this bootcamp is right for them.

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