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Location: Online

With the Datacity team, you will be able to easily and deeply master the high-paying fields of Data Science and Data Analytics, which are already in the field of the future and are developing day by day, through quality training methods based on foreign... Read More


Data Analytics Bootcamp

Cost: $500
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

The three-month program aims to help students build careers in world-class companies in the field of Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Financial Analytics, banking and insurance sectors. All theoretical and practical knowledge applied in business life is included in the curriculum of this Bootcamp, developed by foreign experts. The syllabus covers SQL, Power BI, Data Science with Python. While the education process student works on many Data Science related projects. Our professional team help students make a portfolio and offer mentors support duration of all education process. Our Bootcamp graduates are referred by DataCity to local and global companies. Classes at DataCity Bootcamp are taught by local and international professionals following global standards. The training staff includes world-class specialists with experience in this field in Turkey, Germany and Azerbaijan.

What do we promise?:
1. Individual consultation - Students will be provided with free individual consultation services by trainers. In these meetings, the trainers tell you what you are strong and need to develop based on your performance throughout the Bootcamp. In addition, it provides an individual development plan on topics that you need to focus more on in your career life.

2. Personal Career Training – DataCity provides its graduates with a professional CV prepared by HR specialists and a professional view of Linkedin, Github profiles. Besides, HR staff organizes interview preparation trainings for graduates.

3. Foreign experience - In the Bootcamp program, you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge based on the experience of not only local experts, but also foreign experts working in prestigious universities and global companies in the field of Data Science.

4. Opportunity for a successful career - If you successfully complete the Bootcamp program, you will be directed to the leading companies with which DataCity cooperates, and you will have a chance to gain experience in those companies. In addition, at the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to advance in your career in this field as soon as you have mastered the field perfectly.

5. Chance to work with real projects - During the training, you will not only gain theoretical knowledge but also be able to strengthen your knowledge by working on real projects.

6. Mentor Support - In the future and while education process mentoring support will be provided to training participants who face any problems in this area.

7. Certification - Submission of an official certificate of the appropriate level in 3 languages, depending on the results of the exams held during the training.

Python, Data Analytics, SQL, Data Science

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