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Design Sprint School

Courses: Live Online Design Sprint Experience, Online Bootcamp (self-paced)



About Design Sprint School

The best program to learn and practice online how to plan and execute your own Design Sprints.

Learn the skills and tools you need to plan and execute your own Design Sprint, get certified, and join a global ever-growing community of Design Sprint Masters.... Read More

At Design Sprint School students learn two approaches to Design Sprint: Google Ventures (SPRINT) and The MVS, Minimum Valuable Service (THE SERVICE STARTUP). The program offers the foundational knowledge and the practical experience you will need to become a Design Sprint Master and run your own sprints.

During the five weeks, students go through a well-balanced mix of theory and practice. Participants will run their own Design Sprint.

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Live Online Design Sprint Experience

  • Cost: $79
  • Duration: 5 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

During the five-week program we will present a balance of theory and practice. Participants will run their own Design Sprint while also playing the role of user for another participant.This is what we call peer designing. With our unique approach to peer designing, you get to ride both sides. You will learn how users feel when participating in a Design Sprint and use that knowledge to make better decisions as a Sprint Master.
The dynamic of the program is self-paced with weekly practices, so you can take your time going through theory and concepts. You will have until the end of each week to upload your practice, give feedback to your peer, and receive feedback from both your peer and the mentor. This is your chance to run your first Design Sprint project with users right off the bat.

Week #1:
Learn the foundational skills and concepts necessary for you to go beyond canvas-operation and get into the thinking of Design Sprints.
You will get paired with a peer and kick-start your Design Sprint during this week.

Concept: Foundations
- Why Design Sprints?
- The need for speed.
- The need for Design
- Design Thinking foundations

How it's made: Funnels and Ecosystems.

Practice: Mapping the ecosystem.
- MVS model :: The Time Machine.
- GV model :: Map.

Week #2:
Learn how to frame the problem in a way to inspire the sprinting team to pursue it like a challenge. You will also learn how to interview users and profile them during this week.

How it's made: User research and journeys.
- Framing the Challenge.
- Human Centered Research.
- Personas.
- Consumer Journeys.

Practice: Interviewing users and mapping their journeys.
- MVS model :: Sprint Ethnography, Hero profile, Recruitment, in-depth conversation, Hero Quest.
- GV model :: Ask the experts, HMW questions, Lightning demos.

Week #3:
Based on the insights gathered on week two, you will learn how to design solutions using both standalone and co-participatory approaches.

How it's made: Ideation and refinement.
- Ideation sessions.
- Voting systems.

Practice: Ideation
- MVS model :: Swap ideation.
- GV model :: The four step sketch, Storyboard.

Week #4:
Learn how to prototype your solutions using cheap and easy-to-change materials. Also, learn best-practices on how to manage, measure, and prioritize the results of a Design Sprint.

How it's made: Early stage prototypes, design sprint management, ROI.
- Early stage prototyping.
- Managing Design Sprints.
- Measuring Results.
- Building a prioritized backlog.

Practice: Prototype and user testing
- MVS model: Prototyping, Build backlog
- GV model: Prototyping, look for patterns.

Subjects: Design Sprint, UX Testing, UX, UX Design

Online Bootcamp (self-paced)

  • Cost: $79
  • Duration: 4 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Self-pace through the program and run a Design Sprint.

Learn Service Design Sprints with the MVS model and Design Sprints with the GV model.
Run a Design Sprint and post your practices to graduate at your own pace.

Mentors give you feedback and grade your practices. You must score 70 or higher to graduate.

Lifetime access. Receive the Design Sprint Master Toolkit, including two books and exclusive canvases you won't find anywhere else.

Subjects: Design Sprint, UX

Design Sprint School Reviews

Average Ratings (All Programs)

Job Support


(46 reviews)
  • Toshihiro Imai | Sr. Manager
  • Live Online Design Sprint Experience
  • Graduated: 2017

Overall Score


Job Support

""Great program to set the stage to foster Innovation""

The Design Sprint School inspired me a lot with practical agile methods and theory on service design approach. At the same time, it gave me insights in many innovation opportunities and challenges yet to exploit. I also learned how powerful the role of... Read More

  • Chris Wheeldon | Innovation Program Designer
  • Live Online Design Sprint Experience
  • Graduated: 2017

Overall Score


Job Support

"Learn how to run a design sprint with this fun and well put-together course"

The Hivelab Design Sprint School is a great way to learn design thinking using either the Minimum Valuable Service (MVS) or Google Ventures model for design sprints. You will learn when to use each model and how to lead a team through a sprint. Along... Read More

  • Anonymous | Manager
  • Live Online Design Sprint Experience
  • Graduated: 2017

Overall Score


Job Support

"Eye-opening, refreshing and new learning experience."

1. Flexible to be completed at own pace
2. Able to interact with participants from around the world while saving on travelling costs
3. Going through both GV model and MVS model in 1 certification
4. Feedback was quite fast
5. Rich content, engaging... Read More

1. Online will still never replace face to face interaction
2. Comparatively, GV model was given less emphasis

Official Response from Design Sprint School

Thanks for your review, it's awesome to see you really enjoyed your experience with us. We strive to treat both models in the same way during the program, which means we aim to cover them to their full length, end to end. Students choose one model in... Read More

  • Ruy Cervantes | Innovation Consultant
  • Live Online Design Sprint Experience
  • Graduated: 2017

Overall Score


Job Support

"Become a skilled and effective Design Sprint facilitator, run and adjust them maximizing the benefit for your team, organization, and clients"

The Design Sprint School is an excellent course to equip you to understand, design and run sprints that are best suited for your organization. If you are in charge of innovation initiatives within a company, or if you run a team that creates products... Read More

  • Hiroki Mizokami | Student
  • Live Online Design Sprint Experience
  • Graduated: 2017

Overall Score


Job Support

"Practical Method and Excellent Mentorship"

After I read the book "Service Startup", I wanted to gain opportunity to practice it.
I thought that I already understood the method and process, but I found there were gap between "understand" and "can do" while I took this course.
This is very practical... Read More

  • Servane Mouazan | CEO
  • Live Online Design Sprint Experience
  • Graduated: 2017

Overall Score


Job Support

"Quick paced, full social and practical experience"

This is a very practical programme to immerse yourself in either GV or MVS practice. You get taught in both methodologies but you select mainly one to practice with with a real case-study. I loved the interaction with my mentor and peer, which enabled... Read More


Design Sprint School's average rating is 4.85 out of 5.0 based on 46 review(s).

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