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Devhaus Leipzig

Online, Leipzig

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Location: Online, Leipzig

At Devhaus Leipzig, we believe software development is one of the most fulfilling and empowering creative disciplines in today's world. At the same time, mastering its many facets is a demanding, life-long challenge. A challenge, we believe, that's best... Read More

Whether it's in classes and workshops in the Academy, in personal or professional projects in the Studio, or by participating in our events; the members of the Devhaus Leipzig strive to create a vibrant environment in which everyone finds support to grow their technical and creative abilities.


Junior Full-Stack Webdeveloper Camp

Cost: €4,800
Duration: 13 weeks
Locations: Online, Leipzig
In-person Available Online
Course Description:

Code Camp Leipzig is our intensive full-time training program, designed to equip people from various professional backgrounds with the necessary skills and understanding to join the software development world. While the skillset taught in the Code Camp is in itself sufficient as a qualification for a Frontend Web Developer role, the program is tailored to build foundations that open the door to a wide array of different specializations within software development.

Front-End Web Development, Coding

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Lena Hierzi
Software Developer | Graduated: 2019


Junior Full-Stack Webdeveloper Camp



Job Support

"Amazing for strong foundation knowledge and confidence to enter the tech world."

Devhaus Leipzig was an amazing experience for me. Coming from an computer science background in university, where I was pretty much lost, I felt that Dev House Leipzig provided me with a safe learning environment with amazing teacher and staff. The curriculum... Read More

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