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DevX School

Courses: SDET (QA Automation), Software Development, UX/UI Designer



About DevX School

DevX School offers a variety of IT training courses that are designed to align with current job market trends and job requirements of prospective employers. We season our students with all imperative skills ranging from coding to be a dynamic leader of... Read More

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SDET (QA Automation)

  • Cost: $8,000
  • Duration: 24 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Software Development Engineer in Test is your first step to technology. This course is designed for complete beginners with zero IT background. In the first 3 months, you will learn the fundamentals of Java programming language, and in the next 3 months, you will learn all automation tools that are in high demand on a job market (Selenium, Cucumber, JUnit, TestNG, Git, Jenkins, RestAPI). Once a week you will have Soft Skills classes where you will be learning all about the industry, resume preparation, interview preparation from day1. This program is fully job-oriented.

Classes are 6 days a week. Sunday -day off.
Monday to Friday:3 hours long from 6 pm to 9 pm CST
Saturday class 3 hours from 10 am to 1 pm CST

+ 2 or 3 times a week 1-hour mentoring sessions from mentors 5-6 pm CST
+ 2 times a week 1.5-hour mentoring sessions on Algorithms from month 3

Subjects: Git, Jenkins, API, Software Quality Assurance (SQA), REST

Software Development

  • Cost: $6,000
  • Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

This is an advanced course for those who already have fundamental programming knowledge or are already working as SDET/ QA. This advanced course is designed and taught by instructors from companies like Apple and Microsoft. 1st, you will learn Advanced Programming Concepts like ReflectionApi, multithreading. Complex Algorithms like Depth First Search, bubble sort to name a few. Build microservices projects with Spring Framework. 2nd you will be trained to crack any coding, system design, behavioral question interviews by technical deep-dive sessions from Software Development Managers. Our dedicated market prep team will guide you through preparation strategy, resume tips, common mistakes, must-know tips, and offer negotiations.

Classes are 5 days a week, 3 hours long

Subjects: Algorithms, Web Development

UX/UI Designer

  • Cost: $5,000
  • Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

UX/UI Designer course is designed for complete beginners to enter the UX/UI industry. You will learn UX/UI fundamentals, user research, learn in-demand tools (Axure, AdobeXD, Sketch, Figma, InVision), learn HTML/CSS, and work on real-world projects, creating designs for applications from scratch and building your portfolio. Our course offers soft skills classes as well, where you will learn how to communicate within the team, present your projects, get and work on feedback, how to prepare a resume and how to pass an interview.

Classes are 5 days a week:
Mon, Fri- day off.
Tue, Thu 6-9 pm CST (3 hours)
Sat, Sun 10am-1pm CST (3 hours)

Subjects: CSS, HTML, Axure, Sketch, UI Design, UX Design, Adobe XD, InVision, Figma

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