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Location: Online

Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a Guaranteed Job* training program being designed & developed in association with a number of industry partners and Digital Marketing Mentors, who have contributed to the curriculum, will play a role in mentoring... Read More


Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Cost: $715
Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Foundation of Marketing
How to think like Marketer
Marketing Strategies for Business
Measuring success of Digital Marketing Campaign & Understanding KPI’s
Creating Digital Marketing Strategy & Proposal
Orientation to Digital Marketing
Basics of Paid Advertising & Introduction to Google Network
Introduction to On Page, Off Page & Technical SEO
Get into the world of Social Media Marketing and learn about newsfeed algorithm and content psychology
Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing
In-depth training on Meta Advertisement
Basics, Creatives, Ad Planning & Buying and Meta Legal Compliance
Managing Business presence on Meta platforms using Meta Business Suite and Business Manager
Ad Management using Meta Ad Manager
Meta’s Policies on Data, Privacy and Compliance Issues
Leveraging Data on Meta for Generating Insights
Ad Creative Essentials and its impact on Performance
Ads Optimisation Strategies for Campaigns and Targeting Parameters
Exploring Targeting options and defining your Audience on Meta
Meta Ads Bidding Strategies
How to identify winning products for generating Online Sales?
Meta Ads – Structure for Scale Model
In-depth Training on Google Ads
Introduction to Google Ad Network
How does SEM Auction work?
Google Ad Formats & Terminologies
In Depth implementation of all Google Campaign Types
Search Campaign
Display Campaign
Video Campaign
Shopping Campaign (PLA)
App Campaign
Understanding Bidding Strategies
Campaign Optimisation Techniques & Best Practices
Conversion Tracking & Retargeting
Introduction to Performance Max Campaigns (New)
Tracking Analysis using Google Analytics
Orientation to Programmatic Advertising
Google Analytics
Understanding the concept of Google Analytics
Collecting actionable data using GA4
Standard Reports & Conversion Set up
Campaign Tracking
Advance Excel
Basic Data Formats in Excel
Shortcuts of Excel
Basic and Advanced Formulas for Arithmetic Operations
Text Editing Formulas
Pivot Table
V&H Lookup
Formatting in Excel
Date Operations
Creating Dashboards
Job-Oriented Soft Skills Training
Effective Listening
Presentation Skills
Organisational Behaviour

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