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The Product Design Course is designed to take new and prospective designers from zero to job-ready in 12 weeks. We'll teach different elements of Product Design including Design Thinking, UX/UI Research, Wireframes, Flow Diagrams, Designing in Figma.... Read More

To ensure our course design is flexible and accessible, Dribbble created a course model to set course participants up for success and help everyone balance busy lifestyles and schedules. Dribbble's Product Design course model is a mix of asynchronous video content which can be viewed independently in addition to weekly, high-touch live mentorship sessions with industry leaders, and course projects which receive personalized feedback from our mentors.

To prepare designers for a product design job, one important aspect of our flexible and accessible course model is 2-hour/ week mentor sessions. These group sessions are led by industry leaders with over 4 years of professional experience in Product Design. In the group sessions led by a mentor, you'll interact and get hands-on experience with other like-minded designers participating in our course.

In addition to this, our students choose the mentorship session time to work around their schedule at checkout, we'll also put you in a mentor group within similar time zones. Our students are based globally, as well as our mentors!

During the course, 3 portfolio projects will be created and these can be homed on your free 1-year Dribbble Pro Account. This puts your work in front of hiring managers and Dribbble's network of professionals hiring for Product Designer jobs!

The course has a career week where there is the opportunity to attend a live Q&A session with Jessica Ko (a previous google hiring manager). With a focus on industry standards to showcase your portfolio, become interview-ready, and land your first Design job!


Dribbble's Product Design Course

Cost: $2,999
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Our 12 week zero-to-career-ready Product Design course teaches students everything they need to land their first job in Product Design. Our flexible curriculum includes a mix of video lectures, assignments, and weekly live sessions with an expert mentor. Learn alongside an intimate group of other designers, master essential design tools and practices, get your hands on projects, and ask the important questions that will help kickstart your product design career.

This course is designed so you can fit it into your own schedule, on your own time. You’ll leave with an interview ready portfolio, and the confidence to solve real world design challenges. Plus, we’ll get you in front of our active network of hiring managers, so you can get a headstart on your journey as a Product Designer, the fastest-growing career in the design industry.

Time in the classroom: 2 hours a week in the classroom with industry expert mentors. All mentors have over 5 years of Product Design experience and provide personalized feedback to students during class as well as outside of class for projects completed.

We've designed our program to be flexible and accessible. Anywhere from 5 hours and up in dedicated time is recommended for the course work.

Design Principles, UI Design, UX Design, Wireframing, Figma

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5.0/5 (2 reviews)

Service Designer | Graduated: 2022


Dribbble's Product Design Course



Job Support

"The best Product Design course!"

My experience with the Dribbble product design course has been great. It has given me way much more than I had expected. We’re just a couple of weeks in and I’ve learned so much. The videos are packed with such great content, and there's a great balance... Read More

Angela Schipano
Product Designer (in the making) | Graduated: 2022


Dribbble's Product Design Course



Job Support

"A great course!"

We’re halfway through the course and I have to say this is the best course I have taken so far. I have taken close to 6 now (all paid courses). This one is by far my favorite. You get right to hands on work which I love. It’s not bogged down by theory... Read More

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