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About Encode Club

Location: Online

Encode Club provides intensive, remote live courses and teaching that will help you become a certified Web3 developer. Our 50 person cohorts get daily sessions, weekly homework and projects, mentorship and support. Complete our bootcamps successfully... Read More



Cost: Free
Duration: 8 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

- Encode Club bootcamps take developers and train them to able to work in blockchain/crypto.
- They take place over 4-8 weeks (depending on difficulty) online via Zoom with 6h of contact teaching per week.
- Class sizes are small (up to 50 students) and taught by an experienced teacher alongside at least one teaching assistant.
- After graduating, students are helped to get a job by our in-house Head of Talent.
- Courses are available in specific crypto languages (e.g. Solidity), areas (e.g Zero-Knowledge Proofs) and to code on various specific blockchains (e.g. Algorand, Polkadot, Avalanche).
- The course is free bar a deposit (which is repaid subject to completing the course)

Course itself
- Usually lasting 4-8 weeks (depending on difficulty)
- 90 mins lessons Mon-Thurs split between teaching and live-coding/challenges.
- Homework and extra reading is given to be completed in free time.
- Take place on Zoom with communication outside of classes via a private Discord.
- Course ends with a group project and presentation day.

- We help you get a job in Web3 via our in-house recruitment team and connecting graduates to potential employers. We also help with things like:
- CVs
- Linkedins
- Githubs
- Interview preparation
- You receive a certificate for completion that could be used on your CV and on linkedin.

Tuition: Deposit required, which is repaid after completing the course

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