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Free Code Camp helps students build job-worthy portfolios of real apps, while helping nonprofits.

FCC offers free verified certifications in Front End Development and Full Stack Development. The 1,600-hour full stack JavaScript curriculum is completely... Read More

Thousands of coding lessons offer students the ability to improve their skills in HTML, CSS, Applied Visual Design, Applied Accessibility, Responsive Web Design, JavaScript and more. Each certification is earned by completing its 5 final projects.

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5.0/5 (5 reviews)

Shaik Wasim Akram
Graduated: 2016




Job Support

"It was awesome learning experience"

Actually I do not see cons of attending this program, unless and until anyone have problem with the accent with which they teach.Otherwise the way they teach really good,they get into the core concepts,make us understand each and every part of the program.... Read More

Brock Elliott
Computer Tech | Graduated: 2018




Job Support

"Great overall code experience"

I love how it dives into multiple languages and skills. It does this in an easy to understand and simplistic way without being to simple.

Graduated: 2016




Job Support

"A Truly Outstanding Program"

Cons: Limited Topics


The learning units (called challenges) are outstanding. I can't say enough nice things about them. One proceeds at his/her own pace. The challenges have helpful hints. You can make as many attempts as you want. Each attempt tells... Read More

Super duper outstanding is how I feel about this online learning resource.

Graduated: 2016




Job Support

"Excellent Full-Stack Web Development Training For "Other" Programmers With Free Time Here And There"

I feel so blessed to have found Free Code Camp.

I am a working junior database programmer with a generalist IT degree who wants to train-up to "junior" level in another skill.

I'm not the "just play around on Project Euler" self-structured type. Full-stack... Read More

I've been jealous of the pedagogy and "homework" my friends at coding bootcamps receive - but have no interest in leaving my fulfilling job.

Team Treehouse was tempting - but $25/month was costly for my level of commitment ("here and there, when the weather's bad").

Checking out books at the library is free - but not going to make me a full-stack web programmer, ever.

I couldn't be happier about discovering Free Code Camp today. It is everything I want out of a full-stack web development "school," at a price and pace appropriate to my life circumstances.

I can't believe this wonderful resource exists, but am eternally grateful that it does. Well done, FCC.

Jason R
Graduated: 2015




Job Support

"After trying everything else, Free Code Camp tipped the scale and helped me get a job"

tl;dr I got a good coding job without having to move about half way through Free Code Camp.

I've tried pretty much everything online. Here's why Free Code Camp is - in my subjective assessment - way better than everywhere else (at least for web development)... Read More

- it's self-paced. I had major surgery in the middle of my studies, and it had no impact what-so-ever. When I came back, Free Code Camp was waiting for me, with tons of new lessons.

- the community is helpful. It's scary how helpful the other campers were. I felt like I should be tipping them they were so helpful. I was rarely stuck on something for more than a few minutes.

- it's free. I don't know how they manage to be better than everyone else and still be free. I think they're gearing up to be the next big thing, and don't really care about money in the short term.

I recommend skipping paid online resources and going straight to this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What financing options are offered by Free Code Camp?

Free Code Camp is free.

What are the job outcomes for Free Code Camp?

Free Code Camp alumni work at various tech companies, such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify, and more.

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