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Location: Online

One of the newest and most innovative bootcamps, suitable for everything from entrepreneurs to those looking to innovate at large companies. Product managers may need to do any of over 40 different skills in their role. While any given role may only require... Read More

The instructor is a product manager with over 25 years of experience at top companies including GE, Nielsen, PwC, and Google that has gotten products to be #1 in their industries, as well as an award-winning entrepreneur.


FTI / Product Gym Product Management Bootcamp

Duration: 8 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Unique aspects of the FTI PM bootcamp:

- Real-life hands on experience practicing product management skills in a startup
- Learn industry innovative software development methodology: Planned Agile
- Learn design sprint process faster than google’s design sprints

- If your employer pays (50% people): $5000
- If you pay, we have an unconventional way of charging (since we’re a not for profit):
- $2000 + pay what you wish (recommended donation of $3000), or
- $500 + 5% + pay what you wish (recommended additional 5%) of first year gross salary
- Scholarships/tuition assistance available for those under hardship, reach out.

Product Mgmt

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