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Location: Online

Grand Canyon University's Undergraduate Certificate of Completion in Java Programming and Undergraduate Certificate of Completion in Cybersecurity equips students with skills needed to enter today's technology careers. The courses are offered as a 16-week,... Read More

Both programs offer a depth of understanding of the theories and foundational knowledge needed to succeed in the interview and entry-level roles. The Java and cyber programs include hands-on activities using recognized tools and applications and incorporate the topics in real-world projects and activities. Coupled with the dedicated career services, students will develop their knowledge and experiences into stories that set Grand Canyon University certificate graduates apart from other boot camp students.

Each program is made up of four college classes, each covering topics building on the previous course. The first class in programs require no prior knowledge or experience. Part of the learning process will be working on teams and following industry standards for agile project management, planning and implementation, and presentation skills to report the final results.

Grand Canyon University certificate programs are federal financial aid eligible and provide 16.0 college credits available to transfer to a full degree program.


Certificate of Completion in Cybersecurity

Cost: $8,000
Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

This program is a virtual, instructor-led structure requiring students to participate in discussions on relevant cybersecurity topics and complete hands-on exercises to demonstrate knowledge and comprehension. The cybersecurity program integrates real-world, hands-on practical activities that go beyond theory and focuses on the deployment of advanced techniques in exploitation, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, policy management, security program design, and cyber defense activities. Students will also adopt skills in professional communications and conduct associated with a career in technology.

Students will complete the following four courses to gain a strong foundation in cybersecurity for this 16-credit undergraduate certificate:

- Platforms and Network Technologies
- Cybersecurity Foundations
- Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking
- Cyber Forensic Investigations

The classes are designed to be taught in sequence and provide a networking and security foundation for students with no or limited experience to garner the marketable skills needed to be hired directly from the program. This undergraduate cybersecurity certificate serves as an excellent next step for those seeking a credential to strengthen their career path, skills, knowledge, and overall understanding of the field.

Cyber Security

Certificate of Completion in Java Programming

Cost: $8,000
Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

This program is a virtual, instructor-led structure Java certificate program provides the requisite knowledge to break into Java programming. Students will gain a foundation in Java object-oriented techniques, Java-driven software development, and building applications using software engineering methods. Students learn concepts and techniques for improving new code and refactoring existing code.

This course includes:
- Java fundamental concepts and algorithms, syntax and problem solving
- Front-end UX/UI using industry demanded libraries like React and Bootstrap
- Data persistence with SQL and storage of data in a cloud environment
- Integration of REST and APIs to complete the full-stack web environment
-Concepts, tools, and frameworks of Open source software development

Students will be able to build applications and develop an acquaintance with compilers, scripting languages, frameworks, build tools, APIs, version control software, and licensing constraints using operating systems like Linux. Throughout the Java programming certificate, students will also obtain skills in professional communications and conduct associated with a career in technology.


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5.0/5 (3 reviews)

Eric Stoll
Test Engineer | Graduated: 2018




Job Support

"Great program and school!"

I am very thankful for GCU's Java Bootcamp and instructors that helped me start a new career in IT in an efficient and inexpensive way. After very minimal online Java tutorials, I was pleased to attend this program and learn from professionals with many... Read More

James Loy
Software Developer | Graduated: 2019




Job Support

"Amazing program, that does more than teach coding!"

I decided to take a leap of faith by joining this program! I came from sales, after dropping out of college. I thought I would never have a “real” job without a degree. Not only did this program teach me how to code, but also how to nail interviews, and... Read More

William Palowski
Software Engineer | Graduated: 2018




Job Support

"GCU Java bootcamp is an amazing bootcamp!!"

The GCU Java bootcamp was an amazing experience for me. This bootcamp literally is the reason for me getting my job as a Software Engineer. The course not only prepared me coding wise but also prepared me for my interview and prep work for making connections... Read More

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